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Pros and Cons of Getting a Pomsky (2019)

What are pros and cons of getting a Pomsky? A Pomeranian Husky will have a height of around ten to fifteen inches and a lifespan of thirteen to fifteen years. It does not weight much that does not mean you carry them around. It will want you to carry it if its behavior is like the Pomeranian. If you get one that has the personality of a Siberian Husky, you cannot let it sit idle. They are energetic and active. Although, if you have no children or there are adults in the house, you can get them. If you have kids, having a Pomsky will not be the right choice. Now, that you know some basic information about them, you should be aware that there are some advantages and disadvantages of having them.

How to Control Shedding in a Pomsky (2019)

How to control shedding in a Pomsky? People have a lot of confusion and queries when they think of getting a pet. Dogs are a popular choice because they are easy to maintain. There is one issue though, particularly if it is a Pomsky. The four-legged playful friend of yours will shed. Pomskies will shed and lose a lot of hair because of this. It is a designer Pomsky and they are the ones that lose the most hair out of all other types. They get their appearances and behavior from both the parents and the coat comes from the Siberian Husky. That is why the shedding is more. Here is how you can control its shedding.

4 Things About the Pomsky Temperament (2019)

You should know 4 things about the Pomsky temperament. A Pomeranian Husky is known as Pomsky and they are the designer breeds people are craving. They are excessively cute and comes with wolf-like appearance and shining blue eyes. You should not only be familiar with its handsome exterior. You should know about its temperament to deal with it properly. Here are some things you should before you think of getting them from a trusted breeder.

Major Problems you will face when you have a Pomsky

What are major problems you will face when you have a Pomsky? If you are thinking of getting a puppy, you will have a lot of choice. You can either pick a BullPomsky, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever and so on. There is one that you will definitely want no matter what the costs are. It is the Pomsky and it is a designer breed between the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. Do not jump into that decision just because of their appearance and traits. Even though their characteristics might sound excellent to you, they can be negatives as well. The three most common word to describe them: active, playful and lively. You can guess by now that the disadvantage here is that you will have to keep it busy all the time and play with it or else it will cause trouble. Here are some major issues if you have a Pomeranian Husky.

What is Cataracts in a Pomsky

What is Cataracts in a Pomsky? Cataracts are when the lens of the eyes is clouding. Everybody wants the Pomsky because of its wolf-like appearance and its beautiful shining eyes. It will be really upsetting when they pup develops this disease. They will still be good-looking no matter what but they will have trouble seeing and can even become blind. As the owner, it is your duty to find out about it at an early stage and start the treatment. In that way, you will be able to cure it and maintain the health of the eyes. If the problem is serious or genetic, there may be no complete cure. Pomskies are likely to have cataracts that many other Pomsky breeds. If it has the medical condition, it is your job to help it in every step.

How to Make Your Pomsky Sleep at Night

How to make your Pomsky sleep at night? Some problems can stop your Pomsky from sleeping. It is not normal if your puppy is not sleeping at least twelve hours. Therefore, as the pet owner, look for the problems. Look at your Pomsky. Is it overweight? Obese puppies have trouble breathing during sleep so they cannot get a full night’s rest. If it is a small one, it could be that it is missing its old place. You bought it from the breeder. Therefore, it can happen that it is being unable to sleep because it is missing that place. Since, after birth it was there for some time. Pomskies love to be active and if you do not exercise them enough, they will have insomnia. You have to make them tired through walking, running and exercising. The reason is if it has some pain inside the body. It can health issues that you do not know. Here is what you should to help it sleep all night.

Things the Pomsky do not like

What are things the Pomsky do not like? There are many things that you or other members in the house can do that will annoy the Pomsky. It is dangerous and you should be careful about it. It can happen that you have a child and he or she is getting along with the puppy. Some Pomskies do not like kids. They will bark at them without any reason. If your pup is not behaving like that you should not push its limit. It can be simply tolerating. For example, it does not like children or hugs and if you make your kid pose with it for a photo, there can be a danger for your child. It will bite your son or daughter. Here are more things that the Pomeranian Husky dislikes and you should know beforehand to avoid trouble.


Pomsky Lethargy Symptoms

What are Pomsky lethargy symptoms? Dog lethargy can happen for a number of different reasons and causes. It could be because of illness or other medical conditions. If you notice it to get thirsty more than usual or it is having trouble breathing, you should know that there is a chance it is losing energy. More symptoms include: hormonal changes, anemia, heart conditions, inflammation, infection, respiratory issues etc. It is easy to tell if your Pomsky has this because they are always lively and playful. If you see that it is not interested in playing in anymore, that could be a problem.