Issues you should be aware of when dealing with a Pomsky

How to be aware of issues when dealing with a Pomsky? Having a Pomsky can be a delight. It will play with you, love you and be a small watchPomsky. Sometimes, when individuals see the exterior they get interested to get a Pomeranian Husky for their homes. The problem is that you have to think deep. Imagine what it would be like to have it in your home. For example, if you an outgoing person and hate staying at home, then having them around is not a good idea since they like attention. They want to be with their owners most of the time. In your absence, you need someone reliable to take care of them because they can do things that cost heavily. For example, they will chew on a tennis ball and swallow the pieces. They might swallow leaves of a houseplant. Common houseplants are toxic for them. Here are some troubles that you might face if you own a Pomsky.

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The cost

Are you living on a budget? Then do not think about getting it as it will cost a lot. The food, bath supplies, grooming equipment and hiring other professionals. You can need a groomer and a trainer for the puppy. Even if you have extra several thousand dollars lying around, it is still not a good idea. Emergencies can cost a lot than you can imagine. You might have to take it to the vet for the treatment. Insurance does not help either. You cannot also ask the friends and family for so much money. Pomskies are playful so there is a high probability they will hurt themselves.

Losing patience

There will be times when you will lose patience and get angry. You cannot yell, scream or hit the puppy. In fact, a little injury can take their life or cause serious health problems. They can test your patience at times but do not get mad. They do not know the difference between a new leather purse and an old one. It can happen that you gave the old one to play with it or as a chew toy and now it took the new one. It is your fault in the first place. Instead, buy it separate chew toys. You should buy new toys because it will lose interest in the old ones. Therefore, you should stick to a budget.

Unexpected behavior

If you are lucky you will get a Pomsky who is obedient and nice. If you are not, you will have a hard time and there is nothing you can do about it. They get their behavior and characteristics from their parents. If the Pomeranian was too bossy, you can have a puppy with Small Dog Syndrome that you cannot cure. Usually when a Pomsky has that, you can make it realize that you are the pack leader and it will learn to behave. If the Siberian Husky did not like to eat, the Pomsky can have that problem. As a result, it will get ill and have many health issues.

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