4 Everyday Problems Only Pomsky Owners Understand

If you are thinking of getting a Pomsky, you should there are small and big sacrifices you have to make. There is a lot of pain you have to go through. The worst part is that the positives about them may start to look negative. For example, when you probably heard that they are hard-workers or at least their parents were.  The Siberian Husky is a sled Pomsky and the Pomeranian use to be. They both love to work. Since, you cannot make the Pomsky perform useful tasks such as pulling sleds, you have to always keep it busy. Therefore, it is not a positive side after all. You would have to give all your strength and time to keep it busy through games, walks and other exercises. Here are some problems that you will have to deal with when you own a Pomsky.

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1. Morning walks: Whether the weather is hot or cold, you have to ignore that. You also have to give up your sleep. You cannot skip the walk because it is important for the Pomsky’s health. Not only for health and well-being, if it stays at home being lazy, it will cost a lot of problems like chewing on things it should not. You cannot let a Pomsky sit idle and you have to provide the meal after the walk when it is tired. Therefore, you have to wake up from sleep whether it is a Sunday or a Saturday.

2. Shedding: The Pomsky will shed and that is why you have to carry out the grooming sessions regularly. Buy a bristle brush to reduce the shedding as much as possible. Brushing gets rid of the loose fur and the dead skin. The issue is not with the brushing; the trouble is that you will find fur everywhere. You will have to vacuum clean the whole house over and over again. Pomskies also do not like the vacuum cleaner. You will find fur everywhere, even in the car.

3. Depression: It is becoming more common nowadays in Pomskys and the Pomsky is no different. In fact, it cares a lot about what the owner is thinking about it. It craves for love and attention. If you are not spending time with it or you are not at home most of the time, it will think you do not like it and develop depression and anxiety. That will lead to a lot of problems such as loss in appetite and reducing the lifespan. If you play with it, praise it and provide treats you will notice that is will be a happy puppy.

4. Mess: It will make a mess everywhere without any notice. You will not know when it will cause a trouble or not. For example, you can leave your coffee and cookies and come back and you will find the cup is empty. It is completely alright if someone would have drunk it. Nobody drank it, not even the Pomsky. It spilled the coffee everywhere: on the table, carpet and sofa.

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