Pomsky Healthy

Pomsky Healthy

Four Ways will Shorten Your Pomsky’s Life

The lifespan of the Pomsky depends on you. You provide it with a beautiful home, foods, toys and what not. You love it and spend most of the time with it. It might be surprising for you to know that there are things that you are doing unknowingly that is reducing its lifespan. It is never too late to start over and take good care of it. Here are four ways you are shortening its lifetime.

Dealing with Obesity in Pomskies

How to deal with obesity in Pomsky? Obesity is common among pet Pomskys so you should be careful about your Pomsky. Many pet Pomskys are overweight, and some of them are obese. Obesity is harmful to humans as well as Pomskies. If someone is obese is they can develop heart diseases and respiratory issues. The same goes for them. If a Pomsky gets fat, they will have trouble in their ligaments and joints and suffer from a lot of pain.

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Why you should include water in the Pomsky’s diet?

Why you should include water in the Pomsky’s diet? If you have a Pomsky, it is a common scenario for you that when you both come home after the daily walks, it hurries up to its water bowl and drinks a lot. It is not new for you and other pet owners. Not only Pomskies, all kinds of Pomskys get thirsty often and particularly after walks. Think about yourself, do you not get thirsty after a long walk, run or a big exercise?

Four Things to do to have a healthy Pomsky

How to to have a healthy Pomsky? There are many things you have to notice when you are a Pomsky owner. You will get confused and puzzled about a lot of things such as whether you should share food with it or not. Consult the vet for any kind of queries related to health and you will have a happy pup. Here are four things you can do and make your Pomsky healthy and happy.

Reasons why should not let your Pomsky sleep in your bed

why should not let your Pomsky sleep in your bed? There are a lot of reasons why pet owners have to purchase a different bed for their pets. You have to buy the perfect bed for your canine friend that is easy to maintain and durable. You do not want to spend your money on something that will get torn up in few days. It can happen that you love your Pomsky so much that you cannot go to bed without it. You love to wake up with it by your side or have it lick your face. You can also make it sleep in the crate. Many Pomsky owners sleep with their pets and think it is normal but it is dangerous. It is unhealthy for the two of you.

Treating and Preventing Eye Infections in Pomskies

How to treat and prevent eye infections in Pomskys? There are many ways you can stop eye infections with the right care during grooming. Eyes are sensitive but they are strong in a sense. Start by noticing its eyes so that you can find problems before it becomes serious. The reason for infections are bacteria and treatments can solve the issue. You will be able to tell easily if it has conjunctivitis. A greenish or yellow discharge will come out and the eyes will look red. There are other causes for having trouble in the eye such as trauma, eyelash issues and for dirt or other foreign objects. The problem with the eyelash happens because of heredity. If one of the parents of the Pomeranian Husky had it, there is a huge probability of it to get it. Find out from the breeder if the Pomeranian or the Siberian Husky had eyelash problems.

Pomsky Exercise: Keeping it in Good Shape

How to Keep Pomsky in Good Shape? Dog walks, run, jogs and playing sessions has a huge role in your Pomsky’s health. It will keep the Pomsky trim and fit. It will release a lot of energy that it can utilize for positive causes. Exercising helps in multiplying the positive traits instead of the negative ones. For example, it will not ruin your new shoes, swallow a houseplant or do something troublesome. It will be playing fetch, hide and seek or sleep. During exercise, the extra energy of a Pomsky will finish up so it will get tired and sleep. Sleeping results in a happy and strong pup.

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How is a bed important for Pomsky’s health?

How is a bed important for Pomsky’s health? Since the day you bring your Pomsky home, do not let it sleep here and there. It will develop a bad habit and changing that can become difficult. You already have to train it a lot of things such as eating, walking, using the leash, listening to your commands etc. You do not have time to provide treats if it sleeps at the right place. Therefore, from day one, show it the bed and let it sleep. No, not your bed. It is not safe to sleep with them because they can get hurt. A Pomsky may like to sleep on the sofa, on the floor or in a jacket. That does mean you should allow it. Buy a bed where it can sleep at night and take naps during the day. If you want a healthy Pomsky, a bed is a must. Here are statements that proof that the bed makes a Pomsky in good physical shape.