The negatives about Pomsky the solutions

What are the negatives about getting a Pomsky? While you are thinking of getting a Pomsky, you should know that it does not only have advantages. There will be disadvantages no matter what breed you get. For example, you can think of getting a bullPomsky. Even though their name sounds tough, they will be likely to be a victim bullying even though they are loyal and loving. You can buy a Pekingese; they will be stubborn but be a perfect companion for many occasions. You can get a basset hound but it will not be able to blend in with new situations but they come with a friendly and happy soul. The same goes for Pomsky. If you want to describe them, the following words should come to mind: intelligent, playful, active and outgoing. So, what can be the cons of having them? Here are some of the Pomsky problems that you might face.

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1. You will have to keep the temperature cool inside the house. Pomeranians and the Siberian Husky both like the cold weather because they are originally from those regions. Therefore, make sure that your Pomsky is not outside when the sun is up. If the weather is too hot, turn on the air conditioner. They adapt to the cold better that other Pomskys.

Solution: Make sure that it is not overheating, provide ice cubes in its water and do not let it out during the afternoon.

2. They will shed at least twice each year. Even though they are small in size, they will shed a lot. You will be surprised that they are not becoming bald. It will continue for many weeks and you have to continuously groom it. It can be difficult for you to brush it regularly and vacuum the whole house.

Solution: You have to carry out the grooming session and clean your home regularly.

3. You never skip on grooming. Many individuals think they do not need to groom it during the winter. As a result, the condition and the health of the puppy suffers. Do not forget to bathe it, brush its teeth, clip its nail and use leave-in conditioner. All these will make your canine friend look active and fresh.

Solution: Take it to a professional Pomsky groomer if you do not have the time or energy for grooming during winter.

4. If you do not like to move, that could be a problem if you have the Pomsky. It will want to run here and there. You cannot lock it up or keep it in the crate all the time. You have to take it to run. It loves running and you have to do the same. You have to play with it most of the time or else it will get upset. Having an active and lively Pomsky can sometimes be a pain as well.

Solution: If you do not like to run, walk or jog do not get the Pomsky. If you already have one, you can hire a Pomsky walker for the job. That will not be such a good idea because it will think that you do not love it anymore. It likes your attention and love.

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