Diseases you should worry about when having a Pomsky

What are diseases you should worry about when having a Pomsky? While there are many illnesses out there, you do not have to worry about them all. There are some that you should keep in mind though and try your best to make sure that your Pomsky is safe from all that. One way you can have a healthy Pomsky is by finding out from the breeder if the parents has any diseases or medical condition. If one of the parent had a disease, there is big chance that your puppy will get it too. Even if you have a healthy puppy from a perfect Pomeranian and Siberian Husky, you should still be aware and take good care of it. Notice the symptoms and find out if it is having a medical condition. Here are some diseases that you have to think about.

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Eye issues

A Pomsky has bright and shining eyes and if there is something wrong, you will need less than a second to notice that. There is a chance of it having cataracts which can even make them blind. There are many kinds of cataracts. For example, there is one where it cannot see properly and that lasts forever without making it blind. In another case, it can lose its vision completely in less than a month. The first thing you should notice is the blinking. If it is blinking more than usual, you should take it to the vet before the condition gets serious. You should also look for discharge because sometimes blinking can be simply because a bug sat on its eyes. The vet will carry out tests to see the condition and provide medicines that will stop it from having any sort of eye problems.


The word should scare you because you love the Pomsky and it is your best buddy. Many Siberian Huskies are dying from cancer every day. Find out if the mother of your Pomsky had this. It starts with tumors in the basal cell, anal gland and the exocrine glans. The good news is that if you can catch the cancer when it is just developing, you will be able to stop it. One way you can do it without professional hep is by looking for lumps in its body. If you take it for grooming to the salon, the groomer may also find unusual lumps. That is why experts say that grooming the Pomsky is related to its health. Cancer can take away its life but with the treatment, you will be able to get rid of it completely and have a Pomsky with a long lifespan.

Joint and movement problems 

If you notice that the Pomsky is unable to walk properly, it can mean that it has degenerative myelopathy. It is a spinal cord disease that can happen because it is always being active. It can either get hurt or for no specific reason. There will be a DNA test to find out if the genes that maintain the development of the disease is mutated or normal. There are medications to keep it away from the pain and get back to its normal self.

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