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Introducing Doggy Dan.  If you have a Pomsky that has some behavioral issues, you should contact Doggy Dan from The Online Dog Trainer. He is an expert from New Zealand who loves to help people for free. Since, it is now his profession, you have to pay him $1 for a three-day trial. The monthly fees are $37. His aim to is provide all the Pomsky owners with an answer to their problem. He is patient, calm and gentle. You can consult with him to talk about any of the problems you are facing with your canine friend. Being an expert on Pomskys, he is an author. He talks about being a compelling Pomsky trainer who discusses his understandings and instructions into how occupying with Pomskys has aided him to raise his kids. His book is “What the Dogs Taught Me about Being a Parent” which he published in 2013. He is also an animal rights activist where he provides funding, endorsing animal welfare movements and animal liberation. He is also an educator, speaker, media personality and celebrity. You can watch him on different interviews on the television.

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Pros of hiring

Pros of hiring

We know that when you start the search for a Pomsky trainer, the first thing you do is check if they utilize humane approaches. Each Pomsky has their different personality, character and behavior. You should not consider all of them to be similar. You will find many viewpoints on how to train them the best way. Let us look at an example. A Golden Retriever would love to hunt and play with you. If you think you can train them with treats, you might fail. Cocker Spaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and a Labrador Retriever would love it if you take them to swim. The secret I to reward them for the positive outcomes of their behavior. If the puppy listens to you, give it something it likes. Ask yourself, if it wants to hear praise, get treats or play with you. The professional will never punish the puppy for a negative behavior. Doggy Dan does not allow any violent training procedures such as beating, frightening, hitting or screaming at the innocent animals. He will fix all the undesirable behaviors, praise suitable actions, and involve in tranquil, self-confident alterations for improvements when essential. Correcting a puppy does not require to hit it. It just means stopping it from a negative behavior. They look for rewards every time they do something right.


Pets can come with behavior that is not welcoming. It can be for various of reasons. It can be aggressive. If you hire him as the Pomsky’s trainer, you will see that it will change its attitude automatically. There will be no scaring or hitting.  He is going to teach you how you can make yourself the leader and make it listen to your commands. If it understands that you are its leader, it will start to alter the unwanted behavior. You can stop the bad behaviors such as: hyperactivity, jumping, eating poop, digging, crying, biting, anxiety, chewing, stealing, licking and unexplained obsessions. It can also be aggressive, it can refuse to stay alone and it can be fearful of simple things like loud noises. They will eradicate the pressure and strain that comes with ill manners. Dogs prefer clear instructions to make their life easy and straightforward. If you are providing mixed signals, it can be difficult for it and become confused. It can happen that you never share food with it because Pomskys are not supposed to eat human foods. They can eat though in some cases but they should not take from the plate because it will make them greedy. It can happen that another member in the house like your child is giving their food from the plate. It will confuse the Pomsky and make it upset. You should have control of yourself first before your four-legged friends. If you stop confusing it, it will start to respect you. You both will be on the same side then and training it will be a piece of cake.


If you pick the home consultant, he will help you in a lot of aspects. First of all, comes the Pomsky training. There are a lot of problems and he will get rid of them to make sure you have a content Pomsky. Do not worry about the type of Pomsky you have or the breed, size or age. He will also be able to train your young puppies. You have two choices: either you pick the one on one with your adorable bundle of joy or make it attend the class. You should learn how to represent yourself as the leader. Some Pomskys have a particular type of issue. For example, your Pomsky is afraid of loud noises. If you hire someone else, they will just take care of that problem for a particular time. It can happen that after a year or so, it can again become fearful of loud noises. Doggy Dan is going to make sure the problems never come back again. It can happen that your puppy jumps onto your furniture, does not respond to your commands and chases its tail. You can get rid of all the problems for good. If he comes to your house, he will teach you how to win over your Pomsky and make it think that you are the leader. It will alter its attitude soon after you stand as the frontrunner.

Doggy DanYou will need to focus on what it is trying to tell you. Only then you can find out why it was behaving like this. It can happen that your puppy barks at a particular person or a certain place in your house. You should find out what is wrong. If you think that your pet is embarrassing you, you should know that there are many pet owners out there who thinks that and that is why they look for professionals.

  • He does not use a shock collar. It is a tiny electronic box that you put on the Pomsky’s neck. To correct them, the owners gives them a small electricity shock. If you do that the puppy gets hurt but the owners do not notice that. In fact, many people believe that it is the best way to make them listen. You can try this on yourself with the mildest settings, it will still hurt a lot. It you can stop a Pomsky barking by using the shock collar, it just got upset. It is very cruel and it will stop respecting you. It will not be helpful in the future. When people fail to train them, they scream and shout. It is another way to lose respect. The Pomskys will stop listening to you at some point and no matter how much you scream; they will not listen.
  • He does not believe in screaming or shouting with the puppy. There are numerous Pomsky trainers and pet owners who think it is essential to yell loudly at their pup. Later on, they discover that screaming does not work. The owners look like a fool after that because they fail to make their pets listen to them. If you ask someone, what is one way you should never train your Pomsky, they will say by yelling at them. They are not the same thing as your children. You can yell at a child to make them listen to you. If you do the same with the pet Pomskys, it will make them more excited or scared. If you are yelling at them, they will not listen to any of your commands. There were many times when the owners called their names but they did not come or respond.
  • He can train your Pomsky no matter how old it is. There are sayings that people cannot teach a Pomsky after it gets old. Doggy Dan has taught thousands of Pomskys. He can train Pomsky of any age whether it is nine months old or 10 years old. People who fail to teach them were using old methods or process that does not work efficiently. If you cannot believe this, he will demonstrate how he works with the grown-up ones. In fact, he finds it easy to train them just like the young ones. People believe that at the early age, they can pick up the concepts. Some Pomskys can be difficult to train and no matter what type of Pomsky you have, Doggy Dan will teach it. Basset Hound, American Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd and Chow Chow are some of the difficult ones but he does not have a problem with any of them.
  • He does not use fear to train them. If you are using methods of scaring him like shock collar or yelling, it will not respect. What is the point of having a pet who is not respecting or loving you? The process Doggy Dan uses will make the puppy love and respect you all the time. You do not have to scare it off or use any physical means to make it listen. Using techniques that hurt the Pomsky are cruel and inhuman.
  • He will train your canine friend where the results are permanent. There are pet owners who spend piles of cash on random Pomsky trainers they hire or find on the web. Later on, they tell their customers that they have trained the Pomsky and leaves. It provides temporary results. The surprising fact is that some Pomsky instructors are not positive trainers.  They lack proper management, patient and the right methods that can make your Pomsky respect you. Management plays a major role in training Pomskys.
  • He will be able to train those types of Pomskys that everyone gave up on. It can happen that you went from one trainer to another yet you Pomsky is willing to listen. If that is the case, you can bring it to Doggy Dan. Out of all the thousand Pomskys, there was not one that he could not train. He can work with any breed, age, size or type. People believe that there is something wrong with a Pomsky when they cannot teach it new tricks. It is not true. He can teach any type of Pomsky, particularly the ones you thought you can never teach.
  • He does not use a clicker. If you are looking for a way to train your Pomsky and search online for tools, you will come across the clicker. Doggy Dan never uses the clicker because it is an artificial method to him and he prefers using a natural way. The initial rudimentary mix-ups about the clicker concept is as many times as you use, the better. It slows down the learning capability of your pup.  As a matter of fact, they are brainy and merciful that in maximum number of cases, they somehow end up pointing you what our particular reason was, but remember that you can make slip-ups with the meek movements and maybe get away with those. If the exercise becomes challenging, you will see the results will be successful if you do not use the clicker. Your canine friend will slowly begin to lose interest in you and your commands. If you are using a clicker, it comes with a reward. It will eventually lose interest in the reward.


The training packages

The training packages


If you want to hire him, there are two choices for you. The first one is the “complete Pomsky and puppy online training resource”. It is for the Pomsky owners who are willing to save money. It can happen that you do not want to spend a lot of money on training. It can also happen that you want to see the results before paying too much. The third case can be that you have already spent piles of money on other people and are afraid to lose again.

complete Pomsky and puppy online training resourceYou can pick out this option because thousands of people chose this all over the world. You can check his videos to know how it all works. Training a puppy is easier than a Pomsky because they are young. It is better to start after you just bring them home. Some people make the mistake of waiting and thinking that it should grow a bit. You will notice that a Pomsky has difficulties understanding a new task whereas a puppy can grasp it quickly. If you do not know how to train them or you are having troubles, you should contact him straightaway. This option is a powerful process that can make your canine friends listen.

Another option you have is the “One on one in Home Consultation”. Here, you have to contact with him beforehand and see if the option is available or not. If you choose this, he will come to your place. It costs $495 where he works for around two and a half hours. No matter where the problem, he will pick that out and turn it to a solution. It can be the people living with the puppy, your house or the environment. It could just be the Pomsky’s behavior’s as well and nobody is to blame. There are three possibilities. You will be able to communicate with him frequently over e-mail and telephone.

This package then includes ongoing telephone and email support.

You can also get the online Pomsky training support for a low price, and people have positive comments about it. If you have a Pomsky or a puppy that requires a lot of training and teaching, this is the perfect option for you. His experience will make him successful in training the Pomskys. If you want him to visit, there are two timings: late evening and early morning. If you want, he will also bring his four Pomskys. You can also set up an appointment during the weekend. It is not necessary that he will sit at your home, you can take him to other places where your pet causes problems.

Doggy Dan

None of the methods have anything to scare the Pomsky. The last option is the puppy class. Here the pups can stay in a calm environment and learn a lot of things. They can meet other Pomskys and socialize. In this way, they will not be aggressive. Some Pomskys are in a bad mood because they cannot socialize. The classes take place in Urban Dogs Doggy Day Care. The classes are of fifty minutes. The price is $150. You can also get a discount of up to fifty percent if you have the loyalty card.


You can get “The Tools Every Dog Owner Needs.”


There is some equipment you will need like the Long line, short line, the energy meter, the calm freeze, etc.  You can have them all for only $49. He will not only provide you with those but show you how he uses them. The tools will enable any pet owner to be in control of their pets.



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