How to get a Pomsky to Trust you

How to get a Pomsky to trust you? If you are thinking of getting a new puppy for yourself, you should know one thing. That is the Pomsky will not instantly like you or be your best friend just because you decided to buy it or adopt. When you are getting a Pomsky, the same law applies. There are methods to get it to like you and make it your canine buddy. There are many cases where the pet does not even like its owner. That is really sad when you are the one who is taking full care of it. It can happen that you are making a mistake such as yelling at it or not providing it treats. There are some ways to get it to trust you and be its favorite, here is how you can do it.

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Stay calm at the first meeting

Just because you decided to get it, does not necessarily mean that it will want you. It will not have love at first sight. In fact, you are a stranger and a threat to it. Be normal and act natural when you see it. Just because it is your Pomsky, do not jump in excitement. You will be happy because finally you can show your friends that you have the smartest and the cutest pup (according to Pomsky lovers). If you are excited, it will make your pup aggressive. It will start to bark at you and your first meeting will be a sad one.

Ignore it at first

When you are taking it from the breeder, do not look at it. Completely keep your distance and act like you do not care about it. You should pretend that you do not know it and you have no interest. Talk to the one in who is holding the puppy. You should not start to touch it or talk to it from the front. Go to its side or it is better to face the same direction as the Pomsky to communicate with it.

Let it sniff

One thing the Pomsky likes is sniffing around. When you both will go out to the park for daily walks, you will notice that it will want to sniff. Do not stop it from doing that because that will make it upset. Daily walking can get boring with time. You should change the routine sometimes by taking different routes or letting it sniff or play. In this case, let it sniff your hands. If you get the Pomsky delivered at your doorstep, let it enter and sniff around the house. It should be living here so it should check whether everything is alright or not.

Provide it with treats

While you will be training it, you should know that you have to praise and it and give it treats. On the first day, use treats to make it trust you as the new owner. It might not even want to take it at first. Let it sniff your hand and the treat before taking it. You will understand that it has started to like you after it takes the treat.

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