5 Most Common Pomsky Behavior Problems

What are most common Pomsky’s behavior problems? Are you having a problem with your designer friend? Does it have any unusual behavior? They can dig, chase, bark or chew. You should not worry because there are solutions for all. If you are new with the Pomsky, you can start to worry, but you do not have to. Start with spending more time with it and everything will be alright.

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If the Pomsky is biting things you do not want them to, that can be a problem. Other than that, it is Pomskys and puppies love to chew that is why there are special toys for that. There are several reasons they have the urge to do: boredom, anxiousness, curiosity, and teething. If the Pomsky is young in age, it will love to do this because of the last reason. Even babies love to chew during teething. As mentioned above, if you spend time with it, it will not have boredom. If you got a puppy that came from parents who were full of nervousness and fearful, there is a chance it will cause problems. You have to be patient, and soon enough you will be able to get rid of the habit after it destroys some of your valuable stuff. Get her a lot of chew toys.


The Pomsky will bark because it is a way they communicate since they cannot speak like us. You should pay attention to what it wants. It can have the urge to play with you; it can have boredom or it is trying to warn you about something it saw. If they bark, that is not a problem. When they do it too much, that is an issue. Find out the reason and you will be able to stop it. Do not punish them for doing so. They are trying to tell you something.


Do not ever share food from your plate because that will make them ask every time you eat. It is not a good thing because it will cause digestion problems in them. Make sure others in the house do not offer it food because it will confuse the Pomsky. Every time it will see you having food, it will start drooling. Pomskies are not beggars, and they do not like to beg. If you give it some food from you, it can change its behavior. Make sure it has a food bowl that is for serving his meal. It should not wait for someone to share their food with it.


If the Pomsky is developing a chasing problem, attach a leash every time you both leave the house. If you are taking it for walks and other places, do not let it go on its own. Train it with a clicker so that whenever it sees something and wants to chase, you can distract it. Make it listen to you. You should find out what is making it chase.


Dogs are diggers, and it is not something different for a Pomsky. If you are not paying attention or playing with it, it can go out and dig out of boredom. If you have plants there, it can ruin it. It can also mean it wants to go out. Digging is a way to show that it is trying to go out. Also notice, if it is burying something over there. Buy it some new toys to keep it busy.

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