What to do if your Pomsky is snoring

What to do if your Pomsky is snoring? The reason your puppy is snoring is because of an obstacle in the nostrils or nasal passage that is narrowing the airways. Before you get annoyed with the snoring, find out what is causing the problem and look for cure afterwards.

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Reasons to snore

Here are some possible reasons your Pomsky is snoring

The first cause is being overweight. Take a look at it. Does it eat more than an average puppy? Check the weight and find out if its weighing more than it should. If they have a body mass that is more than the mean weight, it will have additional tissues in the throat which will be the obstacle that narrows the airways.

If the puppy is not overweight, the possible cause could be allergens. A Pomsky is outgoing and playful and while it was exploring in the backyard, it could have picked up something that is the allergens. Simple things like grass, tree and weed pollen, feathers, dust or dust mites can all be the reason for snoring. Some people consider the snoring to be their puppy to be hyperventilating. If there is no medical reason for this, you do not treat to carry out any treatment. They will return to their regular calm state after the allergen is gone.

If one of the parents of the Pomsky used to snore, it will do the same. There is no guarantee that whether or not it is heredity. Find out if the Pomeranian or the Siberian Husky snores when they sleep. Ask the breeder or from where you got your canine friend.

If you smoke, it is bad idea to get the puppy. The tobacco, cigarette smoke and ashes are all allergens. The tobacco smoke is dangerous and an irritant to the pet. If you do not stop smoking, it will continue to make the grunting and snorting sound with its mouth while it sleeps. If you are the one who is not smoking but your friends are, tell them to go out when they are lighting one.


There are simple ways you can try and see if the snoring stops. You need to maintain the air quality of the home. You should also clean your air ducts because it can happen that someone had a cigarette a long time back. The tobacco in the air will circulate over and over again. It also prevents molds and dust mites which are allergens for the pup as well. Do not clean the air ducts yourself, instead hire a professional because rodents might be living there. Exercise it regularly and check if it is getting back to the regular weight. You should not feed him too much. Ask the vet for a proper routine. You should keep the whole house clean. Make sure that its bowl, bed and everything else is clean and not dusty or dirty. You can ask the vet about what kind of bed will help it to sleep without snoring. Sometimes, changing the bed can stop this problem. If none of these works, ask the vet if there is a medical condition in the pup.

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