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Bathing the Pomsky at different ages

How to bath the Pomsky at different ages? It depends on you and your situation whether or not you would like to purchase a Pomsky bath tub. Since Pomskies are small, you can choose to clean them in the laundry sink. You can start by placing some cotton ball in the ears so that water does not enter. Even if you notice water, wipe it off instantly with a cotton ball or a dry cloth.  Cotton balls are dangerous as it can cause infection. Take them out of its ears immediately after the shower and make sure you do not forget about this. A Pomsky is going to run away after the shower, so take the cotton out first.

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Tips on bathing your Pomsky

The water should not be cold and make the puppy wet. Use the right amount of shampoo. Begin from its neck and go down to its tail. You should wash the face first as the water can get dirty. When purchasing the shampoo, get one that is going to match its needs. If it has tick and flea problems, go for that one. If it has sensitive skin, go for that one. Do not use human shampoos. They are active and playful and you cannot extend the time of the grooming session. You should keep the bath as short as possible. Therefore, apply the leave-in conditioner. If it has fleas, you will be able to see it during the rinsing.

Bathing Pomskies that are under one year of age

You should not wait for training or grooming your Pomsky. From the first day, you bring it home, that is when you should start. You do not have to give it baths too much when they are young because it will wash away the natural oils. You should wash them to get the dirt away and protect from disease and illness. Recurrent washing is going to be harmful for them. While it is young and small, you do not have to use the shampoo and conditioner. Plain water is alright and when it is too dirty, use a mild shampoo. Blow dry the pup.

Bathing Pomskies that are over one year of age

The number of times you wash it depends on its activity level. If it gets dirty quickly, you will have to bath it frequently. When the weather outside is cold, do not skip bath. That means do not ignore giving it a shower during the shower as it can make them ill. If you see that it has dry skin, you will want to reduce the number of bath each month. If the skin is not so dry, it is alright to give them regular baths. You can use leave-in conditioner after each bath so that their fur is shining. Not only does it enhance their looks, it makes their skin and fur get the nutrients they need. While purchasing bathe supplies, make sure they are all made of high-quality materials. Before the washing, you should clip its nails and brush it thoroughly using a bristle brush. In that way, you will avoid knots and tangles. You will end up with a Pomsky that looks its best.

Changes in the Pomsky during winter

What are changes in the Pomsky during winter? As winter approaches, you should know what to do for your Pomsky. They might love the cold but that does not mean you let them do anything they want. You cannot skip grooming because it effects both the looks and its health. There will be some alterations when compared to regular grooming. Here are the parts that the winter can have effect on.

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Tips for Pomsky Grooming in Winter

Winter Bath Care for a Pomsky


Pomskies are famous for shedding and to prevent it you have to brush it regularly. If you see that it is losing too much fur, take it to the vet immediately. It can happen during the first year if its Pomeranian parent had the problem. Find out from the breeder about the parents and their shedding. You can control shedding through proper grooming.


Use the leave-in conditioner during the winter so that the coat is soft. During the harsh season, the fur will dry and become brittle. The conditioner will moisturize it and make it strong. Just like humans, their skin will get dry as well. They have beautiful coats and as the owner it is your responsibility to maintain them. If you have trouble with grooming during the winter, take it to the professionals. They might be dirty because they are always running here and there. Avoid brushing when you see the coat is dirty. Apply the leave-in conditioner and brush or else it will form knots if you skip brushing for more than two days. When they are dirty, the breakage of hair happens if you brush. Clean them before your brush.


There are remedies for dry skin for your Pomskies during the winter. Ask the vet what you should use on your puppy. There are many pet owners who apply coconut oil onto their puppy’s skin. You should ask the vet to find out what kind of moisturizer will help your puppy’s skin instead of causing allergies. Do not wet them too much because they will run around with the wet skin and catch cold. You should not trim them because it something you do in the summer to make them feel cool.


You can see a change in their way of eating. There are things you cannot change about a Pomsky. They are watchPomskys and despite their size they will always be on the lookout. They do not like to be alone for a long time and they are not suitable with children unless you train them properly. They are intelligent and bring and forget their size. They will be as confident as the Siberian Husky and be brave in front of large Pomskys. One thing that is not constant is their diet. During the winter, they might eat less than usual. Make sure you are providing it will the nutrients. If you notice diarrhea or vomiting, take it to the vet.


Just because it is winter does not mean you will not let it exercise or skip the morning walks. You should het the appropriate booties and put it on them before you go out. Apply paw creams and balm because it will be dry.


Grooming tips to prepare your Pomsky for a show

How to prepare your Pomsky for a show? There are several steps you need to take to prepare your Pomsky for a Pomsky show. It is a designer breed that stands out from many other Pomskys. Therefore, it has a high probability to impress the judge. It comes with wolf-like appearance and a perfect fluffy body which makes it so unique. The Pomeranian and Siberian Husky combination is the reason why the Pomsky looks and behaves like it does. It is active, playful and brave. Here are some simple tips.

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Notice its breathe

Stay away from Pomskygie bad breath. Keeping your Pomskygie’s teeth clean is essential, whether you are making it participate in a how or just for regular days.  You can make a toothpaste yourself using baking soda or you can purchase them from the pet store. Buy a toothbrush that can take care of all its teeth and make them clean and shiny. They do not develop toothache as easily as humans but it is better to keep their breath fresh before the show.

Clean the anal gland

It may be difficult for you to so contact a pet groomer for the job. You cannot ignore this even if it is not joining the show. Try not to disrespect the flip side either. Cleaning the butt-centric organs are a vital piece of show puppy prepping, in any case, and affected organs can bring about health concerns in your Pomsky.

Cut its nails

The judge will look at it from head to toe. If it has long nails, do you think they will like it? Nobody likes a puppy with nails that length is touching the ground. You should use clippers to properly trim it and make sure you do not hurt it. There are cases where the owner hurt the puppy during nail clipping. If you notice bleeding, cover it with ice in a cloth. If you are not nervous about the show, the chances of accident will reduce.

Trim the ear air

There will be hair inside the ears. Do not use scissors for this job but pull the hair out in a gentle manner. Do not hurt it by forcing the hair out. There are two benefits for removing the inner hair of the ears. First of all, there will be less wax accumulating there. Secondly, there will be no bad smell.

Purchase trimming shears

While you think of things to buy when you are getting it ready for the show, include the trimming shears in your list. You can enhance its look by trimming in areas that improve its appearance. One of the best Pomsky show tips for grooming is that the owner can get is to spend money in a pair of high- quality trimming shears for your Pomsky. You should remember to research about the Pomsky. Find out what suits it and what you can do to make it look and feel better. You cannot do anything that has a chance of hurting it.

How to groom your Pomsky with Clippers

How to groom your Pomsky with Clippers? By now you must the grooming clippers and the proper blades according to the length of your Pomsky’s coat. After you attach the blade into the clippers and plug into the power point, you should be ready. You can use the ones that runs on battery so you do have to depend on the electricity. Make sure that you are not attaching or removing a blade while the clipper is plugged.

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Grooming your Pomsky for a show

Tips for Pomsky Grooming in Winter

After the blade is in its place, turn it on and make sure you are gripping them firmly. The flat side should be parallel to the puppy’s body so that it can slide over the top with ease. You can begin from anywhere you like but you can maintain a fixed routine as well. If you are repeating the same way all the time, it will not be scared of it and it will start to like the clipping. Do not apply pressure at first but if you see that the clipping is not going smooth, you should put some strength. The device should be flat or else it can hurt the skin. Make sure that you are cutting the skin of the Pomsky because the blades are sharp.

The dangerous spots are near the legs where you should be most careful. Let it stretch its legs and make sure that you are not hurting the fold in the skin. Follow the direction of the puppy’s coat. Follow it for a smooth clipping.  If you are going random, you will end up with uneven lengths in different spots. After you get to know this, it should be a problem.

Using Pomsky clippers is simple and unchallenging. Just keep in mind that it is a shave to make it look good. Do not get distracted and if you are tired do not perform this task. Every time you give a clip, just repeat the same procedure. That will make the clipping painless for both of you. One way to start is from the head to all the way down the shoulder and neck area. Go under the chin, throat and the ears. Do not ignore the chest. When it is about legs, start from the front ones. Gently pick it up and hold it. Do not put too much pressure as they are small and it will hurt them. Do not press it too hard or else it will get hurt. You can cut its skin this way. The last part of the clipping is the hind leg area. It is not a difficult task. All you have to do is, turn it around and carry the other hind leg so you can insert the device inside. Do not bend its leg or force it to lie on an unnatural or difficult position.

You will have to alter the blades during the cut. For example, during cutting around the tummy and the anal area, change the blades. After you get back on clipping on the other side, you will need to put the blades for long lengths.

Tips for Pomsky Grooming in Winter

How to groom Pomskys in winter? Even though Pomskies love the cold, you should still be careful. Winter is harsh on humans and the same goes for pets. You should groom your pet throughout the year and give it more importance during the winter. You might think that grooming is all about looks. That is partly true because it does effect on the appearance of the Pomsky but it is for their health and well-being. If you do not groom it, it will have various infections. Here are some common things to keep them away from: snow, ice and the cold weather, dampness, cold wind, sand and salt on the pavement, dry and hot indoor air.

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Do not skip bath

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the weather outside is cold so you do not have to clean it or give a bath. If you skip bathing, it will start to smell. The professionals who groom the Pomskys say that during the winter many pet owners do not give their Pomskys a shower and when they come to them during spring, their whole body is full of dirt. You should bathe your puppy and make it fully dry. Do not keep it wet because it will get ill. Do not let it go out right after the bath.

Look for other options

There are other methods to keep it clean if you do not like touching water during the cold winters. You can use dry shampoo. It will help you keep the Pomsky always clean. There will be no odors and it will smell fresh. There are many flavors available such as coconuts. It is safe and you can use it during pet treatments. You can also carry it while travelling with your Pomsky. The coat will smell wonderful. No matter how much you try to keep it away from getting dirty, it will manage to escape because they are playful and active. Therefore, you can purchase a bottle of the dry shampoo.

Apply paw cream

While it will go outside, it will hurt it paws unknowingly. You should continuously check its paws for sensitivity or cracks. Trim the nails regularly. They can get hurt by falling on the ice. The paw cream is going to be similar to wax. It will protect the paws from salt and ice. It prepares them for any outdoor activity. They are easy to apply and they have Vitamin E which will heal any wounds. They are non-allergenic, non-toxic and non-staining. Before you both leave the house, apply some on its paws. You can wear a glove or else the cream will be all over your hands.

Take off the sweater

While it may like snuggling up in the sweater, do not let it stay there for long hours. Put on the sweater when it leaves the house. It will cause skin problems and they will shed more. They will love to wear the coat all day long but do not let that happen. It will cause skin issues.

Pros and Cons of Using Dog Hair Dryer

What are pros and cons of using Pomsky hair dryer? Bathing is an important part of the grooming that you cannot miss whether it is summer or winter. Pomskies are active and playful and not cleaning them will make them sick. They can have fleas, ticks or dirt and other debris. You should start by brushing and clipping the nails. Finish off the shower with drying the pup. When the case is about other Pomsky breeds, there are several other options. One of them is towel drying and the other is to let it dry naturally by shaking its body and staying under a fan. For Pomskies, you have to use a blow dryer. If it is scared of your one, you can purchase the one for puppies. There are several advantages and disadvantages of getting that.

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Reasons to use a leave-in conditioner for Pomskies

The pros

• You do not have to visit the professional groomer and spend hundreds of dollars. You can take care of the grooming yourself if you have this. It will save you the trouble of leaving your house every time you need the Pomsky to be grooming.

• It takes less time than a regular hair dryer since it is designed for Pomskys and puppies. Their fur is thicker than human hair so they require special drying equipment. You will not have to waste your time as it is ten times faster. It will dry the puppy quick and it will not catch a cold.

• You will not regret buying it because it has a lot of benefits and it will save you the grooming costs and time. You will also not require much strength because the dryer does the task. Your puppy will love it because it is designed for your canine friend. You do not have to spend time familiarizing it with the device. If you are using the hair dryer for humans, you will need to spend a lot of time on training it to getting it acquainted. For example, you have to let it sniff the machine and smell it. Turn on the hair dryer at yourself and show that it is harmless. Provide it with treats when it demonstrates positive behavior.

The cons

• Even though this an excellent product to purchase for grooming, the problem can be the noise. There is nothing to do about it because of the speed at which the air is blowing out. The manufacturer will probably work on it since the customers have complains about the noise. You cannot do anything for noise reduction.

• It can start to produce black smokes that will turn its white fur into grey. No matter how much you try to wash it, the blackish fur will not get clean. It is a big problem and happens if the device malfunctions. It is risky for the puppy.

• The instruction manual will not be helpful and sometimes you may find the pieces to be broken. You will feel like the manufacturer did not much effort in this product. If you are lucky, you will get a proper dryer for your Pomsky that does no harm.

Grooming your Pomsky for a show

How to groom your Pomsky for a show? It can be a difficult task for the pet owners to groom their Pomskys before a show. That is here are some tips for grooming that can make it easy and unchallenging for you. Countless ambitious new Pomsky breeders are unsuccessful at realizing the kind of effort that goes into preparing a Pomsky for show ring. Some type standards will permit a little trimming, while another one may be after you with a rolled-up newspaper if you take clippers near your canine friend. Avoid troubles by following these Pomsky show tips on grooming.

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Research more about the Pomsky

Find out about your pup’s breed. It is key to take in about the designer breed before you even begin to consider setting off to the event. Distinctive puppy breeds require diverse preparing procedures and have models they need to hold fast to. Finding out about your type of puppy is the initial phase for a Pomsky show.

Know the bath time

Give it a bath on the day before and not the day of the show. Bathe the previous night. It might appear to be enticing to get up few hours before your usual time, so you can give your canine friend a shower and have them clean for the event, however this ought to really be stayed away from as a rule. Your recently washed pup might be perfect and delicate, however its hair is probably going to be down and not fluffy. All Pomsky grooming experts and breeders will advise you to not shower on the day but on the previous day before the show.

Do not use baby products

No matter how much you are feeling like using baby powder, do use it on Pomskies. You might think that the fur will nice. It will appear to be more clean and white but that is not the case. Bath powder can bring about perilous respiratory issues with your canine friend and should never be utilized, while child powder and chalks could get your puppy excluded from the show. If all else fails, sidestep the concealments and simply run with the clean way of getting it ready.

Do not use extra gloss

Just like women, Pomskies should not get too much glitter on them. With regards to shine, toning it down would be finest. Not just is it a decent cosmetics tip for ladies, it is additionally one of the best show puppy prepping tips you should remember. Sparkle is awesome for making the coat gleaming and shining, but the judge will notice that. They will get it on their hands and it will be oily.  A greasy Pomsky can never win a show even though it has all the looks and intelligence.

Clean any dark spots

If there are any stains, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with some slightly warm water. Preventing is always best so make sure that your pup does not get any stains on its fur. Make sure the solution you made does not enter its eyes.

Paw Protection Cream for Pomskies

What is paw protection cream for Pomskys? Pomskies love to play and stay active throughout the day until all their energy runs out and they go to sleep. You cannot let your puppy hurt its paws after running and playing all day long. That could break its regular cycle causing it to lay in bed in pain and lose its appetite. It may even develop depression from being unable to run around without their paws hurting. That is why you can purchase a wax which will safeguard its paws. This is not for the winters only; it is for all seasons.

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About it

They do not cost much compared to other products of the Pomskies. They are easy to apply and contains nutrients that recovers the paws. They come with Vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin and protecting the cell from damage. They are small in size so you can carry it in your bag pack before you both go out somewhere such as the beach. It will protect the paws during the walks when the pavement is burning in the scorching heat. It will also help in the snow and salty pavement during winter.

Rules of application

You will love it once you start using it for your Pomsky. It is water resistant so you can take it to swim and the wax will not wash off. Before you apply, make sure you are wearing gloves or else you will have wax on your hands. While you are heading out for the walk or other outdoor activities such as playing in the snow or playing fetch at the beach, you should apply at while you both are at the doorstep. Otherwise, most of it will wear off while it is still at home. If your Pomsky refuses to wear Pomsky boots, then this is perfect for them. You do not have to carry them when they go out for excretion during the cold. If your Pomsky gets scared when they see a shoe or does not like the idea of wearing boots, this is your chance to protect the paws with the cream. There is no discomfort since the wax will blend with the skin. They will also love it when you apply it there.


Do not let them lick their feet. There is nowhere where it says you can let them ingest it. You can contact the manufacturer and find out if is safe if the puppy licks the paws. You can also consult the vet if you are unable to communicate with the manufacturer. The wax is not supposed to make a mess on the carpet or rug but if you use Vaseline, that might leave footprints everywhere. Ice will build up between their pads and toes so use the paw protection wax. If you let your Pomsky play outside, no matter what the season is, you should apply this. During spring, homeowners use chemicals and pesticides on the lawns and your Pomsky will probably walk over them without knowing. Therefore, do not overlook the importance of the paw protect cream just because it is a nice season.