Symptoms and treatment of Cataracts in Pomskies

What are symptoms and treatment of cataracts in Pomskys? Cataracts is a condition of the eye that many people face, particularly when they get old. The same goes to the Pomsky. As your puppy increases in age, it will have a chance of developing it. They have a chance of having this issue compared to many other Pomsky breeds. Therefore, you must always be careful about its eyes. Look at the eyes regularly, but do not stare so much because they hate when their owner or other people stares at them. If you see any changes, take it to the vet right away.

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Diseases you should worry about when having a Pomsky

The disease affects the lens of the eyes and it makes it lose its color. Therefore, there will be vision problems. If you think that your Pomsky is having problems with seeing things, you should consult the vet.  The eyes become opaque and thick and the center becomes gray in color. It will increase slowly and in some cases, rapidly. The reason why Pomsky can get it is because of their parents. The disease is genetic and the main cause of a puppy to get it is from the parents. If your Pomsky has diabetes, you should take extra care of the eyes and see if it developing the disease. Just because the lens changes color, do not think that it is the disease. Before you start to worry or do anything by yourself, go to the Pomsky surgeon or vet.

Symptoms to notice

Here are some things you should expect when it has the disease

1. Blinking more than usual

2. Scratching or rubbing the eye with the paws

3. Redness, eye irritation or there is a discharge from the eyes

4. Unwilling to move or climb stairs (Pomskies are active usually and if they are inactive, that is a reason to worry)

5. Bluish, whitish or gray layer over the eye

The treatment 

To diagnose the issue, the vet will have to examine the condition of the Pomsky’s eyes. There will be a lot of physical examination where they can identify the problem with the eye. They will find out all the history of the pup. If they see that the condition is not well, they will recommend a special eye doctor for the Pomsky. He or she will specialize in handling the treatment, testing and the surgery if needed. There will be blood tests that will tell the condition of the kidney, pancreas and liver. They will check the sugar level. They will carry out the blood count to get rid of anemia, inflammation and other infections. They will test the retina and see how it is functioning.

After they find out the problem, the treatment will be based on that. If a medicine can fix it, you will get eye drops. If surgery is needed, they will pick out the perfect person for the job. After the surgery or checkup do not forget the pup’s eyes. You should come back to the vet again and again to check the eyes. They will take routine exam and find out about the health and condition of the eyes.

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