Reasons Why Your Pomsky Is Not Sleeping

Why your Pomsky is not sleeping? What do you when you have a puppy who is not sleeping? You will start to think that what is causing it insomnia. It does not have anything to worry about since you take care of its food and other needs. It will also not have dark circles but it will be whining or barking and staying up at night. Here are the causes that can be keeping them up.

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Adjusting to new environment

If it is a young puppy, it will miss the place from where it came. Even if it is not missing its old place, it will have a difficult time in a new place. The new place is your house. Think about it this way, if you go to a new place, would you be able to fall asleep properly? Do not put in a distance from where it cannot see you. You can keep it in a crate but at least make sure that it is not feeling lonely. It should not be in another room or far away from you. You will make sleeping more challenging for the Pomsky. Keep the crate close to your bed. As it starts to get used to living in your home, you can move the crate further.

Not tired at all

If you are leaving the Pomsky at home and stay out the whole day, it will turn to an energetic hyper puppy in uninterrupted motion. The reason is that since you were not with it the whole day, it did not do anything. The Pomsky has a lot of energy and the pet owner’s responsibility is to finish them up. As a result, they will get tired and fall asleep automatically. You might provide him with dinner but it will still not fall asleep.  It will be excited after seeing you so it will want to play. They love to play games and exercises. It can also happen that while you were not at home, it had nothing to do so it took a nap. The solution is to have someone play with it while you are away. If you live alone, you can hire a Pomsky walker to walk the Pomsky and look after it while you are at work.

Listening to noises

A lot of individuals say that their Pomskys or puppies woke them up because they experienced or saw something paranormal. The reason is because they can hear things that you cannot. It does not have to be something ghostly. It can be a squirrel in your attic. You should also clean your air ducts because that can be the homes of many rodents. They stay up at night and make noises that bothers the Pomsky. The solution is simple. Clean you air ducts by hiring professional service from your area. Hire pest inspection and get all the critters out of your house. It is for you and your Pomsky. You cannot live with so many creatures at once.

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