How to deal with your Pomsky’s barking

How to deal with your Pomsky’s barking? Before buying a Pomeranian Husky, you should read all the details about them so that you do not get a shock later on. For example, you will to know that they shed a lot and they get this characteristic from their Pomeranian parent. They love to stay busy and work and this comes from the Siberian Husky. Many people change their decision and stop buying the Pomsky, when they find out that they can be loud Pomskys. You should understand that it is something natural and it is just trying to communicate. If you want to keep in control with the barking, here are some tips.

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Use something like a clicker

You should start by giving it a look. It should understand that you want it to stop. If it continues use something else like a sound. For this reason, the clicker can come in handy. You can purchase it with a few dollars. You should wait and see because it can start barking again the moment you look the other way. After you notice that it is not barking anymore and forgot about it, you can continue with the work.

Do not get angry

Rage and anger is something that you should not have in yourself while you are training the Pomsky to not bark unnecessarily. You should have patience and stay calm. They will listen to you because it is intelligent enough to know that you are the leader. When you take him to walks, you stand ahead of it. You provide it with meals and treats. It will listen to you if it respects you. To gain its respect, do not get furious if it is still barking.

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Investigate the reason

The Pomskies are brilliant and if they are trying to tell you something, try to understand. It can happen that it is trying to warn you about something or it saw something strange. It wants you to stay safe. For example, it can bark every time it sees the neighbor through the window and you will think why is the Pomsky barking without any reason inside the house.  If it is barking at an object such as a toy, get rid of it. Keep it out of sight of the puppy. If it barks in a particular room, do not let it enter there. Close the doors.

Finish up the energy

Pomskies come with a lot of strength and it has the urge to engage in activity all the time. If it has a low activity level, it will bark continuously. You should take it to walks, train it and play a lot of games. If you do not have time, ask someone to do it for you. You can play fetch, take it to a nearby lake for a swim or you can challenge it to mind games at home. You can hide treats at different places and let it find them.

Hire a professional

You should provide it with the best care possible. If you think you are not the perfect one to teach it to not bark unnecessarily, you should hire an expert. They can take of any type of Pomsky behavioral issues. Ask them if they work with Pomskies.


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