Ways treating the Pomsky like a human can rebound

How to treat the Pomskys like a human? While you stay with your pet most of the time, you will start to think that it like you. You have to understand that they are not humans but a different species. If you are treating them like you child just because you are buying them food, clothes and toys, you will be misleading them. It could cause a lot of trouble in the future. That does not mean that you treat them like animals. You should love and take care of them. Here are ways you might get negative attitude when you are considering it like yourself.

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Offering your food

It might look really sweet when you and your Pomsky get are at the coffee shop or drive-thru, but you are damaging it internally. Allowing it to have scraps from the dining table, join a restaurant visit or polish off your ice cream cone are all adding preservatives, fat, calories starch and other things to the Pomsky’s diet that can be the chief cause of obesity. It is becoming a gradually popular problem among American pets and results in nutrition complications. Milk-based products (such as milk shakes or coffee from renowned cafes can make the stomach upset, increase the level of food allergies and diarrhea. Fat from meat can be the reason of pancreatitis, and sugar can lead to teeth issues and perhaps diabetes.

A Pomsky should have a different diet than humans. In fact, making them eat food from the drive-thru will make them drool every time you pass by. You will develop a bad habit in the pup. It is not necessary that something you find tasty will be delicious to the pup as well. Also, some favorite foods of humans, such as chocolates are toxic to the Pomskys.

Ignoring its nuisance

It can happen that you left it alone and since Pomskies do not like to be alone, it chewed on things it should not. You are ignoring it and thinking that it loves you and did that as a revenge. That is not a good idea. You should never let it go away with misbehavior. In that way, you will encourage to perform negative actions such as chewing, digging or breaking things. Some owners even ignore the barking of their Pomsky thinking it is normal. They are not humans; you have to understand. Later on, they will become the boss of the house if you continue to treat them like a person.

Letting it be rude

You cannot let your Pomsky grow with as an ill-mannered pup. If you are not stopping it from the negative actions soon enough, it will be out of control in the future. You cannot excuse it thinking “he is part of the family” or “she is one of us”. It is the same as rewarding it for the wrong activities. It might hit other Pomskys and since it is small in size, it will get injured if a big one attacks. If you allow it to be rude, it might bite people as well.

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