4 Mistakes to Avoid During Pomsky Training

Mistakes During Pomsky Training. Are you sure that you are training your Pomsky in the correct way? Even if you think that the Pomsky is not being obedient or you are losing patience, you should know that these are the first steps to training. You are doing it right. Some Pomsky owners make a blunder that results in more trouble. They wait too long to begin the process. You should know that the day you bring the Pomskies home, the training starts from that day.

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1.    Thinking it is young

You are going to bring home a puppy, and that is fine. You can get an old Pomsky as well. It does not matter but do not think that just because it is young, you should wait to start training. Many pet owners believe that they should train adult Pomskys only. You should know that it is easier to control a small Pomsky and make a real connection with them. It gets complicated as they grow. No matter what their age is, start the training from day one. Young Pomskies are intelligent who will learn basic orders and house training. As they grow up, they will already know what to do, and you can relax later on.

2.    Forgetting to praise

The secret for successful Pomsky training is to praise it whenever it does something worthy. For example, you do not like it sitting on the couch; you should teach that from a young age. As it gets old, it will get confused if you let it sit on the couch often with you while watching the television and during other times you scold it to get off the sofa. Make sure you are consistent with your rules and your praise and admire it every time it does something positive.

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3.    Getting impatient

If you are willing to train your Pomsky, you should know that there should be patience. Getting crazy or losing calmness will not help at all. It will scare away the Pomsky or make it frustrated. Your Pomsky is struggling to learn new things, so it is the time you understand what it is going through instead of focusing on yourself only. It can happen that the session has become boring or too long. They should not be more than fifteen minutes. If your Pomsky looks tired, it is time to stop for that day.

4.    Punishing or scolding

The last thing you would want to do is scold or punish your Pomsky. Recent researchers and Pomsky trainers say that you should never punish them because it will become a negative thing. Pomskies are intelligent animals who prefer positive training. If you are yelling, hitting or hurting it with the lease, it is time you give back the Pomsky. They want love and affection. You cannot cause anything to harm it mentally or physically. If your behavior is unusual, it will get scared of you. If you want respect, treat it properly. It is a training session where you both enjoy and learn new things not something to hurt one another.

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