Pomsky grooming tips

What are Pomsky grooming tips? There are many pet owners who choose to do the grooming themselves. Everybody does not hire professionals. It can happen that you take help from groomers but not all the time. On several occasions, you decide to do the grooming so that you can bond with it. The best part is that there are no secrets. Nobody knows what products the grooming services are using since they do not allow the owners inside. Here are some tips to make you successful at grooming your loving Pomsky.

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• Find out about the right tools and equipment. For example, start by buying nail clippers. They come in many shapes and sizes made of various materials. Look for stainless steel because they are corrosion resistant. At first, your puppy will move and make it difficult for you to cut the nails. Make sure you do not hurt it. You can use the web to find out the right tools for the Pomskies. For example, they have special fur, so find out the right brush for them. They shed a lot so it is your job to take care of it.

• Make the grooming session short and pleasant Do not expect the Pomsky to be patient for hours. It will lose endurance and start to run around here and there. They are active and playful so they do not like to sit on one spot while someone is grooming them. If it behaves nicely, award it with lots of treats.

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• Start from the day you get it from the breeder or bring it home. Many pet owners wait for them to grow up before they start grooming. The same rule applies for training. Many Pomsky owners think that they should train their puppy only when they are old so that they will learn better. Instead, the opposite happens. Training and grooming starts from day one. The day you bring it home or the day the breeder delivers the Pomsky to your door is the first day of training and grooming sessions.

• Your Pomsky should have a Pomsky trainer to teach it few rules on how to behave and such. If they have any bad habits, the right Pomsky trainer will use pleasant methods to get rid of all the bad habits. There will be no screaming, yelling or hitting the canine buddy. They will train your puppy to stay still during the grooming session.

Here are some ways you can make the Pomsky like the grooming sessions

Do not take it to baths every day. It should be something you do once a week or every two weeks. It depends on the activity level and how dirty it gets. That does not mean you brush it once a week, you cannot miss cleaning the teeth for a single day. Check your Pomsky’s nails after six to seven days. If you see that it is long enough or touching the floor, trim them using the Pomsky clippers. If you notice any problems in the Pomsky, such as coat issues after grooming, take it to the vet.

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