How to keep your Pomsky’s heart healthy

How to keep your Pomsky’s heart healthy? There are many things people do take care of their heart. We all know the importance of this organ. It is simply does not pump blood, as soon as it stops, your life will end. While people spend so much money and time to maintain the health of their heart, they should never forget their pets. They have hearts as well that keeps them alive and strong. A problem in the heart can make them weak and eventually reduce their lifespan. This should sound scary to you since you love the Pomsky with all your heart. Here are some ways you protect the organ.

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Keeping your Pomsky healthy

Maintain oral hygiene

Brushing is compulsory and you cannot skip buying the canine toothpaste and toothbrush. You should never use the ones for human as it can be harmful to them. Provide a teeth-friendly diet. The mitral valve disease starts from the mouth. A heart valve infection known as endocarditis can start from a continuing oral contamination that mixes with the blood. Therefore, taking care of the teeth is directly related to its heart’s health. As your puppy gets older, the problems of dental disease start to increase. It will be painful and stop it from being active and playful. The problem just does not stay inside the mouth. It spreads to the whole body and affect other organs which can cause heart attack. The simple thing here that you should understand is that a pup with clean teeth will love a long and happy life.

Provide Healthy food

If you are looking for ways to improve the condition of your heart, experts will recommend a healthy diet. The same applies for the Pomsky. Ask the vet for suggestions and recommendations particularly for your puppy to enhance its health and overall condition. You should never provide treats that are high in calories. Look for healthy ones. It will become obese if it is eating too much. Never share your food with it. Obesity is linked with heart diseases.

Take it for exercises

It should not be an issue since the Pomsky loves to play. You both can go outside for a game of fetch, running or jogging. Exercise does not always have to be the same boring route to walk with a leash on every day. If you train it to listen to you or there is a place that is safe, let it play around without the leash. You should keep your eye on it and make sure that it is not exercising too much, particularly if it is young. When they are not old enough, their bones are still developing and some can be prone to joint pain.

Visit the vet

You should know that the heartworm disease is a common problem affecting Pomskys. The best way to protect your Pomsky from it is by through a dose that is given once a month. This simple chewable dose can extend its life and the quality of its heart. You should take it for consistent wellness examinations. In this way, you will be able to detect any disease or illness beforehand and be able to go for treatment.

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