Dental care in Pomskies

How to do dental care in Pomskys? The oral hygiene is important if you are a Pomsky owner. Pomskies can suffer from a lot of different tooth problems if you are not taking care of it. They can have plaque, tartar and gingivitis. It will have a lot of effects on other parts of its body as well such as the internal organs. Proper dental care is not difficult and you can also get a professional clean up from the vet. Here is how you can take care of its teeth.

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Purchase the right items

Start with a brush that suits your Pomsky. They are small in size so do not get a large toothbrush. Pick one that can reach all the corners of its mouth and the difficult regions. Do not use a human toothbrush or the finger toothbrush because it can bite you accidently. Ask the vet if you are confused about the type of brush you should purchase. Secondly buy a toothpaste. Do not buy the ones for humans because they all have fluoride which is deadly for the Pomsky’s kidneys. In fact, never let it play with your toothpaste and inhaling it can also cause a lot of health issues. You should buy the oral gel or rinse to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. The best part about using a gel is that it will circulate inside the mouth automatically and cleanse it. Make sure the Pomsky does not

Develop a routine

Brushing it can be difficult at first but once it gets use to it, it will love to brush. The Pomsky should have a routine such as the time for exercise, feeding, playing and sleeping. Include brushing in it. An easy way to select the time to brush is when it remains quiet and calm. You do not want to brush it when it is in the mood to play. If there is no proper routine, it will be awake and barking at night when it is supposed to sleep. It will not have its meal at the right time and eventually get sick. While you brush, make sure that it is in a comfortable position. You should not have your mind on something else such as a phone call or messaging. Focus on its teeth or you can hurt it during brushing.

Give the right food

If you are worried about its dental care, sharing food is never a good idea. Humans have food that can be too high in sugar levels. If you provide it with bones to chew, do not leave it alone. There are parts in the bone that can get stuck in its teeth. Go for a dental checkup every six months and ask the vet for teeth-friendly diet. When there are no problems with the teeth, you will have an active and happy canine friend. Bacteria can develop in the gums and cause bad breath. Dental problems in Pomskys are getting common nowadays. You do not want your Pomsky to suffer. Teeth can even fall of due to lack of care.

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