Common Health Issues in a Pomsky

What are common health issues in a Pomsky? The breeder will try their best to make sure that you have a perfect Pomsky but that does not mean that it will never get sick. The environment can cause problems because they are playful and outgoing. A simple grass or weed pollen from the park can make them sick because they are allergens for your canine friend. Instead of blaming the breeder, look for treatments when you see a problem such as ear infection or toothache. It is your responsibility to take full care of the pup. Here are some of the health issues you should look out for.

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Cardiac issues

The heat problems are getting common nowadays in puppies. You should maintain the health of the heart because that will extend your puppy’s life. You will not notice any symptoms but if you see that it is getting tired quickly than it usually does, you can take it for a check-up. If you are lucky, the heart problems will not affect its lifespan. They will just require treatments and medicines. If the condition is serious, there is a chance of shortening its life.

Dental problems

The Pomsky does not have strong teeth. They will get tartar, plaque and etc. You should not miss the grooming session where you brush its teeth. Use toothpaste for canines and a toothbrush that can reach all the nooks and crannies. They will not get cavities easily but not brushing them will give them the opportunity. Check the gums and provide it a teeth-friendly diet. You can ask the vet on how to take proper care of its teeth.

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You should remember that the Pomsky might think that it is a brave and strong whereas it is sensitive and small. A simple injury in the head can cause seizure and death. Do not leave your children with them just because the Pomsky plays with them. You should always keep an eye on the Pomsky because it can get hurt anytime. Their body parts are not that strong, particularly when they are young. Not feeding it for a long time when you take it outside with you or forgot to provide it food at home can also cause seizure. The main reason for having seizures is when it gets hurt in the head. Make sure it does not get in fight with another Pomsky at the park. Also, take care of it because it can get hurt at home with the furniture.


It something you notice if your Pomsky is dropping its sugar level. It is common in young puppies and happens when they are at a new place. It can also happen if it is not eating enough. You should worry about this because it can cause death. They are happy and playful and if they are suffering from this, they will not be able to walk properly. They will sleep more and can even have seizures. As the pet owner, to prevent hypoglycemia, provide it with lots of water and food. Make sure its food bowl is always full whether you are at home or outside.

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  1. We just purchased a 2 month old male pomsky and he is wonderful, we are feeding him the food recommended( Femma) and amount ( 1/2 cup 3 times daily) We have had him for 2 days now and we where told to keep him in a play pen for 14 days and let him out for periods of time, to keep him inside and away from our other dogs, we are doing all of this and as of today he has developed bad diarehha, he eats and I keep clean water in his pen at all times….

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