Common items that are dangerous for the Pomskies

What are common items that are dangerous for the Pomskys? Even if you are the best pet owner in the world, you can have your Pomsky to swallow on something it should not. It can happen you went to the other room and when you return, you find out that it has bitten or swallowed something it should not. There are more than one million puppies and Pomskys who are eating things they should not. It is not just food, things you have lying around can be dangerous for them. Here are some items you should keep far away from them.

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Your medicines belong to you and not to your pet. A Pomsky can swallow pills and they are toxic for them. It can cause severe problems in their body. Acetaminophen is found in many medications which can cause the liver to fully damage.


Even kids love to play with batteries and open them to see what is inside. You cannot blame a Pomsky for being curious. The consequences can be harsh so keep any old and new batteries locked in a drawer. It can cause ulcers in the food pipe, mouth and the stomach.


It is so deadly that your Pomskies can even die from having a single piece. The unsweetened baker chocolate is more toxic than white or milk chocolate. Keep them far away and make sure that your puppy does not have access to the box.


Fabric softener and other detergents can cause a lot of health issues. It can cause vomiting, excess drooling and diarrhea. Keep those far away and if you see them trying to reach the packet, move it before the situation gets serious.


Even though they are healthy for humans, do not let your pup drink it as it can be poisonous for them. Keep currants and raisins away from them as well. Grapes and its juice are both deadly for the puppies.


All types of household cleaners such as drain cleaning liquid, ammonia, bleach are all lethal. For the safety of the Pomskies, keep them locked away. Drinking bleach is not only disgusting but also the throat will start burning. The effects will be serious.


No matter what type of lily you have (tiger, Japanese, Easter etc.) they can cause death in Pomskys. They make the perfect garden plants and have a beautiful structure but you cannot keep it because of your puppy’s health and safety.


If you are a smoker or someone is smoking the house make sure that the Pomsky does not come in contact with the leftover piece of cigarette. The smoke of the cigarette affects the pet along with the thing if they swallow it. You should consult a vet immediately after eat swallows a part of the cigarette. If it is vomiting, it could be because of the tobacco. It is better to stay away from people who smokes if you have a Pomsky at home.


Before you make a bread, you will prepare the dough. Before you are putting it in the oven, make sure you do not let the Pomsky come in contact with it. It is toxic.

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