Treating Aggressive Behavior in Pomskies

What is the treating aggressive behavior in Pomskys? Pomskies have a nature for unpleasant behavior which is the aggression. Biting, growling, snapping, lunging and nipping are some of the things they do out of aggression but you cannot accept them in a Pomsky who lives with you and your child. No matter how much you love your pet, the safety of your child should be the first priority. Therefore, train your Pomsky before things get serious.

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Aggression is a popular issue in Pomskies and one way to solve this by contacting the veterinarian. Just like a person when they are in some kind of physical pain, they can become grumpy or moody. It can have pain in the limbs or other parts of the body. It can also be in the teeth, stomach or other parts of the inside of its body. The worst part is that when it tries to tell you, you fail to comprehend. That is why it might bite, bark or growl. Pomskies become anxious if they have a low level of Hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone). If the vet carries out the medical check-up and cures the puppy, it will automatically change your Pomsky’s behavior. It will ease its condition and alter its bad behavior. After the medical issues are solved, if the puppy is still aggressive, they will refer you to a behaviorist.

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There are many ways the Pomsky can develop aggression. It can be because of its parents. If one of the parents whether the Siberian Husky or the Pomeranian had it, the puppy will naturally have it. There is nothing to worry because there is always a remedy and cure. Find out from where you brought it. It can happen its old place did not give it much attention or love and made it this way. Sometimes, it can simply happen because the owner did not train it properly when they should have.

To solve this, the owner should begin by having a journal to note down its behavior. Write down what is causing the behavior, whom did it target and the particular action it took such as biting or growling. If you have a journal, you will be able to have all the information about its aggression including the time and date. In this way, you can come up with a solution. After wring down for a few weeks, you may notice a pattern. You may find that it gets aggressive in the night time only. It can happen because it saw something from the window or something is annoying it. If your Pomsky is not showing aggression at the vet’s office and this is making him or her not understand what the puppy does, you can always show them a video.

If you have more than one Pomsky or any other type of Pomsky in the home, there is a chance of developing aggression. The chances increase when they are similar in size, age and gender. Rivalry can also grow. Pomskies love to be the leader and the main in the pack. Just because you have male puppies cannot be the reason for aggression. Even two females may fight.

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