Dealing with Obesity in Pomskies

How to deal with obesity in Pomsky? Obesity is common among pet Pomskys so you should be careful about your Pomsky. Many pet Pomskys are overweight, and some of them are obese. Obesity is harmful to humans as well as Pomskies. If someone is obese is they can develop heart diseases and respiratory issues. The same goes for them. If a Pomsky gets fat, they will have trouble in their ligaments and joints and suffer from a lot of pain.

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Pomskies are small in size so a gain in the single pound can make a lot of difference. They are not like humans that few pounds will go unnoticeable. You should check the weight and make sure you are following the proper diet. Along with that, do not miss out on the daily walks and exercise. When a Pomsky remains lazy, it does dangerous things around the house.  To find out the perfect weight, talk to the vet about your Pomsky.

Finding out if it is overweight

To maintain the puppy’s health and keep it safe from illness, you should take it to the vet often. Ask them if they have the right weight.  If they find out that it is more than it should be, they will take a sample of blood and check if there is any other reason for the extra pounds. Old Pomskies can have more weight because they do not run around the house as much as the young ones. They have low metabolism levels, and they do not move around much. These leads to gain in the weight. If you are giving treats more than you should, it can gain weight in a short time. Treats should make up only ten percent of their diet.

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You can tell if your pet is overweight or not without taking to the vet. If there is a layer of fat that is visible, then it is overweight. Touch it and see if you can feel the ribs. If you have trouble getting to the bones, then it has a lot of extra pounds it needs to shed. Look at the waist. It should be slim compared to the other parts and if it is not then that is fat. Try to check the bones of the shoulder, spine and hips. The sign of a thin Pomsky is the bones will be visible and can be felt at the first touch.

Feeding your pet

If you can maintain the amount of food it eats, you should be able to control the weight. When humans gain weight, they cut off fatty foods and reduce intake. The same applies for Pomskies. Do not just lessen the amount of food and treats because you will not get any result. For best results, take it to exercise. Make sure it is active and playful. Go out and play fetch. Take it to walk in the morning when the temperature is cold outside. Provide it with lots of water. Ask the vet about how much you should feed it and the duration of exercise.

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