Training your Pomsky to behave in the car

How to train your Pomsky to behave in the car? You should not leave your Pomsky home all the time nor should you utilize drugs to control its behavior in the car. You do not have to take them everywhere but sometimes take them to your friend’s house, the beach, lakes and on small trips. If you do not do that and always leave it at home, it will become aggressive, disobedient and furious. It will not like guests or even listen to your commands. All the hard work and training will go to waste. You do not have to take it to work or other events where pets are not allowed.

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There are many reasons why they behave in an unusual manner inside the vehicle. It is because of their characteristic stubbornness. It can happen that you are a Pomsky lover and had other Pomskys before. They loved riding the car and you did not have to do much training. The fact is that they did not have any aggression or even if they had, it was less than the Pomsky’s. Many pet owners who do not own a Pomsky has less complains about car training their Pomskys. The behavior comes from the Pomeranian father and the Siberian Husky mother. If they were friendly, playful and brave, the problem should be less. You should have a Pomsky who is happy to ride in your car. It can also happen that you have successfully trained the Pomsky to be obedient. That is the first step to avoid accidents. You have to make it listen to you such as “sit” and “stay”. After that, you have to train in slowly to be comfortable in the car without starting the motor. After the training is going smooth and everything is well, reward it with treats. The sad part is when the training is completed and you take the Pomsky to many places but suddenly it starts behaving like it is scared.

There are many reasons why they suddenly become nervous and scared again. It can happen that previously it had a company and when it is without it, it becomes sad. It can be that you had another Pomsky and after that is not present, it is becoming upset and not liking the car rides. It can be that you and your friend always accompanied it in the car. After your friend stopped visiting you or riding the car with you both, it can become upset. Sometimes it can also happen that it had a bad experience in its last place. There are puppies who were scolded for not behaving in the car. One thing to remember is never leave your Pomsky in a parked car. Here are some solutions when your puppy is not behaving like it should

• Provide it with a chew toy so that it stays busy with it and gets rid of the anxiety and fright. If you know it has a favorite toy, bring that in the car

• Tell it to behave in an authoritative manner, it should know that you are the leader

• Take it to somewhere it likes and give it rewards such as treats.

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