Training a Pomsky without treats

How to train a Pomsky without treats? Many pet owners who trains their Pomskies with treats have the question whether they will always have to carry the treats to make their puppy listen to them. It is a matter to worry because you cannot always carry treats with you and you require your four-legged friend to be obedient without any prize. The fact is that the rewards (particularly treats) are during the training process. Once the training is complete and it understands or masters the behavior, you do not have to provide it with awards for accomplishment. You only do it once or twice. If you do not stop, it will develop the need for treats. It is important that your Pomsky does not depend on treats to learn something new or be well-mannered. You should try other methods of rewards.

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The Pomskies can understand the consequences of their action. If someone scolds them for something they broke or chewed, they will get scared of that person. They may stop biting or ruining things but will lose respect for the person. If someone loves them a lot, it will understand and be happy around that person all the time. If you have a guest at your home and the Pomsky is behaving properly and is always near you instead of bothering them by barking, you should reward it. If you do not reward it for the positive behavior later on when guests will arrive, it will bark because that is when you give it attention.

The Pomsky is a great learner and is always interested to learn new things. It is important that if you are not using treats, you utilize other methods to explain it that it performed the right actions. You can try petting it, playing fetch or tossing him toys that it. As soon as you come home, do not call it out or immediately start praising it. You should meet them at least after fifteen minutes or else they will start demanding. Aggression will develop if you make them think that they are too important. You can reward it in so many ways. For example, if you are successful at training it to walk, you can let it walk without a leash. Walking without the leash is a better reward than treats and biscuits.

If the situation becomes severe or it is too much emotional and not in the mood to play, you can use treats. Food rewards become useful in those circumstances when it is not calm. Use other form of rewards during training when it is not too much excited or hyper. The Pomsky can be difficult to train sometimes and do not show them the food first. It will make them aggressive and make them want treats all the time. You should also notice if it is becoming obese or not. Using other forms of rewards such as playing fetch is also beneficial for their health. The best part is that you do not have to worry about carrying treats all the time.

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