Training a Pomsky to eat slowly

How to train a Pomsky to eat slowly? It can happen that you have a fast eater in the house and you have to stop the behavior. Do not ignore the speed at which your Pomsky eats its food because it can cause health problems and other issues. It can start swelling. Its tummy will become swollen, it will be unable to walk as usual, will be unable to vomit and have trouble breathing. It can be a big issue and you cannot overlook this. You must contact the vet and take care of the Pomsky. There is no treatment for you to try at home so contact the vet. Bloating can even cause death because it can cause severe damage to the stomach. Here is how you can train it to eat slowly.

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Have fixed meal time

Sometimes, a Pomsky may rush to have its meal simply because it is not sure whether it will get it or not. It wants a guarantee that it will receive its food on a daily basis. The behavior develops if there is no particular time for you when you provide the food in its bowl. For example, one day you give it food at 1 PM, the other day at 2 PM and the other day at 3: 30 PM. It scares the puppy and makes it doubt whether or not it will get the food. Other situations can happen such as you got stuck in traffic and came home late. That is why it rushed to eat the food.

Have different bowls

If you have more than one Pomsky, there is a chance they will become fast eaters. If you feed them from the same bowl, they will have a competition. It is in their nature. You cannot change or alter any behavior through scolding or being angry. If you do that, it will lose respect and be scared of you. You cannot have canine friends who do not respect you or is scared of you. The solution is to keep two bowls in two separate rooms so that nobody is in a race. People have tried with different bowls in the same room but that also makes a contest.

Purchase the right bowl

There are bowls that you can buy if you have a fast eater at home. It is made because of all the health concerns related to not chewing their food. If you want, you can make one yourself using its current food bowl. Get a large rock and not a small stone. If it is small in size, it can swallow. Place it in the middle of the bowl in the center of the food. It will have to eat slowly because of the big rock that is in the middle. The rock acts as a post and the Pomsky has to eat around it. You should know that your hard work is becoming successful by tracking down its eating time. If it took three minutes before, by now it should take four to five minutes.

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