How to make your Pomsky drink more water

How to make your Pomsky drink more water? Pomskies love to drink water. They would even have some when you take them into the swimming pool. As the pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of it and provide it with lots of fresh water. You can have a canine friend who does not like to drink water and you cannot do anything about it, that can be a trouble. Here are some ways you can make it drink water.

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1. Usually, pet owners have a single bowl for water and another for food. If you have a puppy who is not fond of water, you cannot expect it to search for the bowl and drink. You must keep at least four to five water bowls. They should be in each and every room of the house. Pomskies are playful and loves to stay outside even though it should not stay in the sun. Therefore, keep a fountain there with clean water. Water can easily evaporate during daytime, so keep an eye on the bowls.

2. The next thing you should do is during the purchase of the bowls. Do not buy them of the same type They should be different from one another. Get one made of glass even though there is a chance of breaking. Get one made of ceramic, the other made of stainless steel and another made of plastic. You can circulate the bowls around the house and see which location it likes best. Find out which is its favorite bowl and stick to that. Get more bowls like that give it water.

3. You should make sure that the Pomsky is comfortable drinking from the bowl. Keep it in a place it can reach with ease. You should keep it somewhere you are putting less pressure on the ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Be sure that the head, intervertebral discs at the neck, vertebrae, are not in stress either. It does not mean that you have to buy a pricey bowl. Just because a bowl costs a lot more than others does not mean that it is perfect for the Pomsky.

4. While you provide it solid foods, put a lot of fluid in them to replace the lack of water in the body. You can provide it with canned food as they have eighty percent water in them. They have a lot of water, more than double amount of what is in dry food.

5. You may not be aware but Pomskies are smart and intelligent. They do not like something dirty particularly when it is about their food or drink. Therefore, if the bowl is not clean or the water is not fresh, do not expect them to drink it. What you can do is, keep the bowls clean by washing them every day. Do not forget to refill with new water every day for several times. If you do not wash it, bacteria and slime will accumulate over there. You can add ice cubes in the water and see if your Pomsky likes it or not.

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