How to stop your Pomsky for running away?

How to stop your Pomsky for running away? It is a dangerous sign if your Pomsky is continuously trying to run away either through the front door or the backyard. They can go through car accidents, get lost or someone can put it a shelter and you will never get it back. Therefore, as a pet owner you should find out why it is behaving that away. There are several reasons mentioned below.

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Looking for old place

Start by asking yourself, what is the new thing that can cause it to run away? Did you move to a new place? It can happen that the Pomsky is not understanding that the new place is the home now. They are intelligent and smart therefore they can understand when they are in a new place. The solution to this problem is by putting old things and try to make the new house look similar to the old one. Walk him around the new place and let him sniff around. After that, let it walk around on its own. Later on, it will understand that this is the new home.

Loves to run around

The Pomskies are energetic and active Pomskys. They love to stay busy with playing. It can happen that they use to run around a lot in their previous place. If you brought it from a breeder, ask them if the Pomsky use to run around with full freedom. It can happen that the old place allowed it to run around and that made it like this. You have to train him and if you fail, contact a Pomsky trainer.

Looking for a friend

You are its best friend but that does not mean you stop it from making new ones. You have to go to work and most of the time you are busy. All these can lead to the Pomsky thinking they need another playmate. They are friendly and would communicate if they see another Pomsky that can be its playmate. The solution can be when you take it out for walks every day, make sure you let it sniff around in the park for a while. If it sees a new buddy, let it talk.

Getting bored inside 

If you stay at home doing nothing, without your phone, television and the computer how long can you last without boredom? The same applies for your Pomsky. They have toys and you. It can happen that after playing with them, it got bored and you are not giving it time. The answer to this to provide it with new toys. Even if you cannot buy them, make some at home. If you did not have the time to go out to the pet store, take some time out of your busy schedule and play with it.

Something scaring them

Just because Pomskies are strong does not mean they will not get afraid of something. It is normal for a Pomsky to run away if something is making them fearful. Find out if it is a loud noise or a thing in the house that is causing it fright.

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    Ivy December 6, 2019 at 4:21 am

    when my pomsky ran away it started getting angry at people wen he see them

    he is 4 years old and he is still doing that and i really would like him to be off the leash for once

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