3 Essential Tips for training your Pomsky

How to train your Pomsky (pomsky)? We all love the Pomsky. What is not to love about it? The day you bring it from the breeder, or they deliver to your doorstep, that is when the training sessions should begin. It can sound complicated to you, but that is one of the joys of becoming a pet owner. Pomskies are adorable, and their personality makes it easy to love them even more. If you are lucky enough to get one that comes from obedient and sincere parents, then it should not be so hard for you. Here are some tips to help you.

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Use the crate for right purposes and Prepare yourself for the walk

cute pomsky

cute pomsky

If you are someone who does not like to exercise, or you are not a morning person, you have to start preparing yourself. Making yourself ready before the Pomsky is important. Consult the vet and ask them the duration. After you find out the time, get ready.

Buy the proper gears such as running shoes. They should be comfortable so that you do not feel sick in them. Meet your doctor and find out if you are fit to walk for that duration. Do not think of achieving more, just stick to the period the vet gave.

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Do not make an hour walk to two hours. It will be harmful to the two of you. If the walk is being boring for you, think about other things.

If you are someone who is thinking of punishing your Pomskies, then stop that thought. You are not fit to bring them home. You need to stay patient and just like humans; they make mistakes. Teaching them will be difficult. If you have brought the crate for the Pomsky, it will use it to sleep. They will not urinate there because they like to keep their sleeping areas clean.

They are intelligent animals who likes to stay clean. Do not use the crate like a cage. Do not punish them by locking them in there. It will only make them fearful. They will not respect you anymore. Make sure you keep the crate somewhere where you are going to be present.

It will feel lonely if it does not see you while it is inside the crate. It is not a cage that you have to shut the door before it runs out. It should get inside on its own and stay there happily.

Teach them to play fetch

Are you getting tired of teaching your Pomsky how to fetch? This game is perfect for golden retrievers, but you can still teach that to your puppy with some training. You will require two toys. Show the first toy and throw it. It will go and get it.

Use the second toy and throw it and it will bring that too. In the same way, repeat using two toys and soon enough, it will understand the game. It can happen that you threw the toy, but the puppy is not interested in getting it. You can hold it, and an opposite force will work. It will leave you and chase the toy.

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