Important lifesaving tricks you should include in your Pomsky training

What are important lifesaving tricks you should include in your Pomsky training? It can happen that you have an obedient Pomsky but that is not enough to keep it safe. It is important that it knows how to save its life in an emergency and stay safe in a busy street. It is obvious that you love to each it new tricks such as high five or army crawl. There also essential lessons you taught it such as going to urinate outside the house and greet guests politely. Here are some significant tricks you can include in the training process to keep it safe.

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You should train it in such a manner that whenever you say the word “Stay” it does not get up till you ask it. It will help in busy streets and avoid the Pomsky getting hit by a car. You should ask it to sit and command it to stay. It is going to work as a protection for the puppy. After the training is successful, no matter where you are, it will not move. Even in your absence or you are gone for a long time and it has to wait outside. Nothing will excite him and make him want to chase or get distracted. After the training is completed, in order to test it, command it and cross the road. It should be standing there instead of following you. That is what the staying all about because there are cars and other dangers in the street. Those Pomskys who does not have this training will likely to follow the owner or run after something even after the command was given and get hit.


The simple command can save your Pomsky from accidents and other injuries. For example, it is going to cross a busy street and you ask it to come to you and it does. Later on, when the road is empty or safe, you can cross it safely. The training is also going to be simple because the reward is the treat. You should have treats in your hands. Provide the command and it will come running but do not show the treats beforehand. Let it come and only then you should give it. Be clear on the word while you are pronouncing it so that it will remember it and every time you say it, it will be running to you.  After the training is completed, you do not have to provide it with treats to make it listen to you.


Sitting at a safe place is also important. In a busy street, the corner of the pavement can be a secure spot for it to sit while the cars pass by. Pomskies are smart and intelligent but they fail to understand that the roads can be dangerous. They also do not understand the consequences of getting injured by a car. You will be lucky if your Pomsky can learn this trick as it is a lifesaver. You can train it by giving it treats when it sits at the safe place waiting for the cars to slow down instead of running or crossing the street.

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