Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

Have you been wondering why your dog has been licking your feet and do not know what to do? This post will show you the different reasons why your dog always licks your feet and what you need to do when it starts the behavior. The possible reasons why your dog licks your feet is because it is looking for attention, bored or it is just being affectionate.

There are many different reasons why your dog might be licking your feet and it is only good to try and look at each of them in detail. Once you have a clear understanding of what causes your dog to lick your feet, you should be able to easily stop it. So why does your dog lick your feet?

Looking for a Reward

Dogs are very brilliant, and your dog might have learned that when it licks your feet, it will get rewarded. If you have been giving your dog treats or extra attention every time, they lick your feet, it is very likely that your dog wants to get more of the reward. It would be best to reward your dog even when they are not licking your feet and avoid rewarding them when they only lick your feet.

Your Dog Might be Bored

Dogs get bored especially when they do not get enough exercise to stimulate their body. Your dog will start licking your feet because it is boring and wants you to take them out for some exercise. Depending on your dog’s age and breed, you should always take your dog for exercise or training to make them more active.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet


Another reason why your dog might be licking your feet is that it is trying to show you some affection. Dogs can show their affection by licking your feet as a sign of letting you know that they trust you. Feet licking is very normal, and it is the dog’s way of showing that you are part of its tribe.

Looking for Extra Attention

If you have not been giving your dog much attention, you will realize that it will start licking your feet. It just means that it wants extra attention and ignoring it will not help. Other dogs will lick your feet because it is a dog’s way of grooming their puppies.

Dogs Nature

Young dogs will always explore the world by licking and sniffing things. If you have a puppy, then the reason it keeps licking your feet is that they are curious about the world around them. The habit will remain with dogs even when they grow old.


Feet licking among dogs is very normal, but you should not encourage it. Try and give your dog things that will distract it from the behavior like bones and toys. Give your dog that extra attention throughout the day by exercising and training this will lessen the attention it gives you.

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