Know when your Pomsky needs dental care

Why do your Pomsky needs dental care? Pomskies are prone to cavities as much as we are but that does not mean that they will not have teeth problems. They can have tartar, gingivitis and plaque. The worst part is that the issues are not only incorporated within the teeth, it affects their kidney, liver and heart. Start with the purchase of the perfect toothbrush and a Pomsky toothpaste. Do not wait for it to get old to start brushing, it will be easy to make it comfortable when it is a puppy. There are a lot of things you can do improve the oral health.  Here are some signs that you need you take it to the vet for dental care when you see them.

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Bad breath

Bad breath in canine happens because of gum or dental disease and Pomskies are prone to tartar and plaque. You may think that this is a regular thing for Pomskys, then you are somewhat correct since they do not brush their teeth or use oral rinse every day. If the smell is consistent and it is getting worse with each day, you may want to consider taking it to the professional. It can cause more problems in the internal organs such as the respiratory system. While the smelly breath is unpleasant for everyone in the house, it can indicate something serious. It can be because of diabetes, teething, liver issues etc.

Change in Eating habits

A lose in appetite is something you can easily notice particularly if you have a food lover. They will stop asking for treats and refuse the meals. The reason is because of their teeth. It is because they have difficulty in chewing which causes them pain when they are trying to eat. That is why, they think it is best to avoid eating. Whenever you notice loss of appetite in a Pomsky, it means illness. Therefore, go to a vet immediately. If you had a Pomsky who never ate properly, this sign can be hard to notice.

Extreme drooling

There are many reasons why they drool and the most common cause is because of teeth problems. It is causing her discomfort and pain. As mentioned above, they are prone to tartar and it can cause too much drooling. If a dental problem is present inside the mouth and the vet is not treating it, there will be excessive salivating.

Stained teeth

A Pomsky’s teeth are white and shiny. It is not supposed to be stained. If you see that it is yellow, it happens because of the tartar. It will accompany bacteria and bad breadth. A professional can take care of this before the matter gets out of hand.  You can also avoid this sign and problem by brushing it properly.

Broken or loose teeth

Do not think that there is no problem when your Pomsky loses a tooth. It can happen because the bacteria have eaten the bind that keeps the tooth in place. A loose tooth can happen if it chewed on something hard such as a bone.

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