Maintaining Pomsky’s healthy teeth

How to maintaining Pomsky’s healthy teeth? If you have a Pomsky, you should be worried about the oral hygiene and take good care of what is inside its mouth. Many pet Pomskys suffer from tooth problems because of lack of care of their oral hygiene. Pomskies can develop gingivitis, tartar, and plaque accumulation. Here is how you can keep your teeth healthy and the Pomsky happy.

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Dental care in Pomskies

Brush its teeth

Brushing is the most important step that you can take for its teeth. Pomskies are small, so you should get a small one. If you brush it properly, there will be no tartar or bad breath. They can also stay safe from dangerous infections. When you are selecting a toothbrush from the store, it should come with soft bristles. It should be able to teach the nooks and crannies. If you want to buy a finger brush, you should know that your Pomsky can bite your finger. Never use a human toothbrush or the one you use.

Buy the right toothpaste

It should be pet-safe. Do not use the one for humans. You can purchase them from vet clinics and pet stores. Human toothpaste contain fluoride that is harmful to the Pomskys which can make your Pomsky sick. If they swallow it in a small amount, it can damage the kidneys. You can try different flavors of toothpaste and see which one your Pomsky likes. Pomskies should also never inhale the toothpaste for humans. You can also make toothpaste at home using chicken cubes, coconut oil, and baking powder. Do not let your pet swallow this. While you are brushing, make sure it is comfortable. After it gets used to brushing, you can increase the duration.

Get some oral rinse

You can purchase gel or oral rinse for the Pomsky. They help stop the growth of bacteria and other germs. Get one that does not have a bitter taste and ask your vet about the one you should get. You should apply the gel on the teeth, and it will go around the whole mouth by itself.

Provide a teeth-friendly diet

Consult the vet and ask for a diet that is going to help its teeth. You can avoid giving it bones that can break into small particles. If you notice bleeding gums or bad breath, you should take it to the vet immediately. Get a dental check-up every six months. If there are no dental issues, the pet will always be happy and active. Nowadays, many pet Pomskys are facing the problem with tartar and plaque. They can cause pain and the teeth to fall off. If you want to give it bones, make sure they are raw. You should watch it while it chews the bones.

Maintain a routine

Just like you have a timing for its exercise and meals, you should have a time for brushing. Find out the time of the day when it stays calm. That is when you should brush the Pomsky’s teeth. You cannot brush properly if it is active and not staying in one place. The two of you should be comfortable.

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