What is the Least Effective Method to Retrieve a Dog That Has Got off Leash?

You have adopted a dog, taken care of him, played with him, felt closer to your dog and there will come a time when you no longer tie your dog because you feel your dog will behave well and be obedient, or sometimes a dog will go off its leash by accident. however, the decision is not always the right one because sometimes it turns out that your dog is aggressive and doesn’t listen to you. So, what are you doing? I think this is not easy to get back to the control condition but remember don’t do the wrong action, like a scream or chase your dog because the dog will feel scared or otherwise feel like you are asking him to play romp and will get away from you. Here are some tips you can do to get your dog back:


  1. Stay calm and get the dog’s attention

You can begin to distract your dog by quietly calling his name. You have to stay calm so that your dog does not feel uncomfortable because the dog can feel your anger and anxiety.


  1. Bring his favorite toy

If your dog have a favorite toy, immediately use the toy to get his attention.

What is the Least Effective Method to Retrieve a Dog That Has Got off Leash

What is the Least Effective Method to Retrieve a Dog That Has Got off Leash

  1. Bring dog snacks

Use snacks to lure your dog. I believe there will be no rejection from your dog and your dog will come back to you soon.


  1. Direct the dog to follow you

After your dog is near you with snacks and toys slowly try to direct your dog to step in the direction you want, of course, to a safer place for your dog.


  1. Pretend to fall on the floor

There is nothing wrong with trying to get attention by falling to the floor, this may be quite effective in getting your dog’s attention and the dog will start to get close, curious as to why you fell.


  1. Replace the leash when the dog is at your side.

When the dog is busy playing with his toys and eating his snacks, immediately put the dog on the leash while praising him. Do not scold your dog for confusing him and encouraging him to behave worse.


The point is in this position you have to keep calm and do not act wrong by chasing your dog but be casual and try to attract attention so that your dog is chasing you. Use snacks and toys as weapons to get their attention and keep the situation under your control. Even though you feel your dog is trained, you still cannot let your dog be released in a public place. Many bad risks can occur such as injury from being hit by a vehicle. After your dog has been trained intensively and long enough, you can try untying the dog in a safe place such as a special dog park but still with supervision and preparation for the worst conditions.

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