Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt?

Typically, dogs eat all kinds of dirt but to most people, eating dirt will give you a cause for concern. Eating dirt among dogs is a common behavior among many dogs. If your dog is used to eating nonfood items such as grass, dirt, rocks or garbage, it means it has a condition known as pica.

So, is your dog’s dirt eating a strange behavior or should you become concerned? The following are some reasons why your dog always eats dirt and why you should take the situation seriously.  Let us look at some few possible explanations.

  • Anemia in dogs is a serious condition that is marked reduced hemoglobin levels or low blood cells. This can occur because of injury, illness or an infection. It can also be caused by nutritional imbalance. Anemic dogs will result to eating dirt to try and restore the deficiencies causing the condition. The condition can only be restored via blood tests.
  • Deficiency in Minerals. Most dogs that result to eating dirt do not necessarily have anemia. A nutritional imbalance can cause your dog to start eating dirt. Lack of essential minerals in your dog’s food might just be the reason your pooch eats dirt. Hormonal issues can stop your dog from getting the necessary nutrients and minerals, but nutritional imbalance is very rare among healthy dogs.
  • Gastrointestinal Disturbance. Your dog might start eating dirt because they have an upset stomach. But most dogs that have a rumbling stomach normally eat grass to try and solve the tummy issue. In the process of eating grass, some dirt might get in the process and your dog will end up eating dirt. Try talking to your vet on the best food for your dog to avoid any health issues.
  • Tasty Dirt. Although this might be a less cause, it can just mean that your dog is going for something tasty buried under the dirt. If your dog starts eating dirt, you should check the area and see if there is something your dog is looking for. That will make a lot of sense especially if your dog keeps going to the same area.
Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt

Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt

What Should You Do?

Dirt contains a lot of dangerous toxins, poison and pesticides because of the nature of our environment and land. Try and stop your dog from eating dirt because it will lead to dangerous health problems and digestive upsets. If your dog eats dirt because of boredom, try and play with it and make your dog work.

Try and remove any unwanted tasty food remains from your compound. This will prevent your dog from constantly digging and eating dirt. If the issue is food, try and change the food your dog eats and see if there is a change.


While eating dirt might be a common thing among dogs, you should not let it continue. The earlier you react to the behavior the better it will be for your dog’s health.

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