Treating and Preventing Eye Infections in Pomskies

How to treat and prevent eye infections in Pomskys? There are many ways you can stop eye infections with the right care during grooming. Eyes are sensitive but they are strong in a sense. Start by noticing its eyes so that you can find problems before it becomes serious. The reason for infections are bacteria and treatments can solve the issue. You will be able to tell easily if it has conjunctivitis. A greenish or yellow discharge will come out and the eyes will look red. There are other causes for having trouble in the eye such as trauma, eyelash issues and for dirt or other foreign objects. The problem with the eyelash happens because of heredity. If one of the parents of the Pomeranian Husky had it, there is a huge probability of it to get it. Find out from the breeder if the Pomeranian or the Siberian Husky had eyelash problems.

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Here are some you can prevent infections from happening.

• Cut the hair or at least trim it that is around its eyes using safety scissors. Make sure you do not hurt it during cutting. Clean the hair properly so that none of it gets into the eyes.

• Make the corners of the eyes mucus-free. Bacteria grows when there is mucus and it can enter the eye. You can ask the vet for an eye wash.

• There are ointments that you use before using insecticides or giving it a bath. Avoiding it can cause irritations that can result in infection.

• Stop it from exposing its eyes to irritating substance, keeping its head out the window and fighting with other Pomskys. All the three scenarios can result in eye trauma.

• If you notice that tears gather around its eyes, keep the eye clean or use a tear stain remover because it can be a home for bacteria. Your vet will tell you what to do and what to use.

Moisten a cotton ball with slightly warm water and gently wipe away muck and dirt that collects around the eyes. Use separate cotton balls for each eye so that germs do not spread. You should take it to the vet to treat the eye infection. When they will prescribe a drop or medicine, purchase that and use them at the proper time.

Lay the Pomsky on one side and make sure it is comfortable and calm. If it is scared or frightened, it will be difficult to pour the eyedrop. You can praise him to keep him calm. Place you hand on its forehead and make sure it does not move. Do not poke it in the eye, even if it is a mistake. It will get hurt while having the infection. You can utilize cotton balls to get rid of the hard discharge on its eyelids.

Your Pomsky can easily get infections because they are playful and active. Bacteria can enter anytime while they are outside in the backyard. Cataracts is a genetic condition that can affect the lens. They will become cloudy or white and cause problems in vision. Find out from the breeder if any of the parents had the condition.

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