Halloween Safety Tips for Pomskies

What are halloween Safety Tips for Pomskys? Just like the 4th of July is a nightmare for your Pomsky, the Halloween is no different. Children and adults have a lot of fun on this day but the same does not apply for Pomskies. People come up with new ideas to dress up and children receives a lot of candies. You can watch horror movies and TV shows throughout the entire October. Who does not love a scary movie? Unfortunately, October 31st may not be pleasant for your Pomskies and remember the tips below for a safe Halloween.

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It all starts with the doorbell ringing so many times and children showing up at the door. The Pomsky normally does not get along with children so much. Even if it does get along with the kids at your home, unknown children dressed up weirdly can scare them. Keep it away from the front door and it is better if it does not see the children. There will be several groups visiting your house and the puppy can get anxious seeing so many kids. It is better if you can put it to sleep in the crate. If you have a brave one, it will start barking at the children and scare them away.

Use IDs. There is a chance of getting lost. While you take it out for a walk when the children are out there, it can scare your puppy and make it run away. Utilize a sturdy collar, leash and harness. There will be a lot of people in the streets who has a possibility of frightening the puppy. The ID tag should have your name and contact number. It can also happen that while you are busy with the preparation, it managed to escape.

While you buy a costume for it, make sure that it is comfortable. Do not purchase something that is unsafe, toxic or flammable. It should be able to move and breathe freely. Do not block its vision in any way. Make sure the costume fits it perfectly and is not too tight. Try on the custom beforehand and not on the day of Halloween.

The candies are for children and not for the Pomskies. Keep them far away because they are toxic.  Provide it with its own treats and it will be content. Candies and chocolates can have deadly effects on it starting with vomiting and diarrhea. You do not want to consult the vet on the night of the party. Do not ruin the night by offering it candies. The artificial sweetener xylitol is just as lethal as poison. After you buy all the candies, keep them far away or somewhere that the Pomsky cannot see.

The lights of the pumpkins can cause fire. Ensure that the Pomsky does not trip and fall on them. They can also push over the pumpkin and cause fire. It can chew on electrical light cords and wires. It can get an electrical shock or swallow pieces of glass, plastic or the wire.

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