How to Make Your Pomsky Sleep at Night

How to make your Pomsky sleep at night? Some problems can stop your Pomsky from sleeping. It is not normal if your puppy is not sleeping at least twelve hours. Therefore, as the pet owner, look for the problems. Look at your Pomsky. Is it overweight? Obese puppies have trouble breathing during sleep so they cannot get a full night’s rest. If it is a small one, it could be that it is missing its old place. You bought it from the breeder. Therefore, it can happen that it is being unable to sleep because it is missing that place. Since, after birth it was there for some time. Pomskies love to be active and if you do not exercise them enough, they will have insomnia. You have to make them tired through walking, running and exercising. The reason is if it has some pain inside the body. It can health issues that you do not know. Here is what you should to help it sleep all night.

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Provide ice cubes

Ice cubes will avoid making it want to urinate and they will keep them hydrated and cool. You should place some ice cubes in the water bowl. If you just leave water and it drinks that, they will want to pee because they small bladders. You should take it out one last time and after that send it to its bed to sleep. If you do not make that a routine, it will not know when to sleep. You should not start to play or do anything else after bringing it from outside. It should understand after weeks that after the last time it has to go to bed.

Put it in the crate

You should start crate training as soon as you get it. Do not wait for it to get old because that will be difficult for you. Provide it with treats when it enters the crate. In that way, you will quickly have a pup who lives in a confined space. It will not roam around the house and if it sees you sleeping, it will do the same. Restriction is important to make it get a proper rest for the whole night.

Change the meal time

If you see that ice cubes and the crate is not helping, look at the meal times. It can happen that it is hungry. Hunger can keep humans up and the same applies for the Pomsky. If the tummy is growling, it will not be able to snooze the whole night. If you want it to doze but get proper rest, make sure the meal time is not far away from its sleeping hours. If it is full, it will go to a deep sleep.

Adjust the environment

You should find out what your Pomsky likes. One day you should try keeping the house fully quiet and turn off the light, does it sleep or it cannot stand the silence? If that is the case, on another day, turn on the radio and see if it falls asleep. If it is scared of the dark, keep the lights on. Either of the scenarios will work and put them to rest.

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