Training your Pomskies for the 4th of July

How to training your Pomskys for the 4th of July? There are a lot of Pomskys that run away from their homes because of fright. Halloweens never scare a puppy but the 4th of July does. It makes them get scared thinking that it is something dangerous. It makes them escape and run here and there. They get full of stress and anxiety. If you carry out the training process, they will not get scared of this or other loud noises. The problem lies because the loud noises are out of the Pomskies’ understanding.

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Here are some things you should do to protect it

• Make sure that it was not bored or idle at the beginning of the day, that means you should take it out for a walk in the morning. If you are someone who takes it out to walks at night, for that day you should change the routine and wake up early for the exercise. You can also try indoor exercise such as playing fetch.

• July is during the summer and the temperature is going to be too high. If it is unbearably hot, turn on your air condition for the puppy. It will keep it calm and cool. If you are going out, make sure there is someone else to take care of it. The person should be someone your Pomskies loves and trust.

• You should clean up and make sure the bathtub is dry. In case, it needs a place to hide, it can use that. If there is no place to take shelter, it will end up hurting itself. Do not lock it in the crate during the fireworks.

• If you are going out, make sure it has enough toys to play with and does not get bored. You should keep its favorite toys close to it. Since you are going out, put on a collar with the name and ID tags so that in case it runs away, someone can return it to you.

• Close all the curtains and windows. If it is sleepy, let is sleep inside the crate and put on a light cloth over it and cover the whole thing. If you are using a blanket or something heavy, the puppy will start to feel hot and start barking. If they are not seeing much, they will not get scared. IF the windows are closed, the noise will be less.

You should that there are things that your Pomsky can hear and see that you cannot. If you are getting annoyed or think the puppy is stupid than you are wrong. You cannot assume that your Pomsky will act like a human. The Pomskies are the pet owners’ responsibility. They are courageous and brave but loud noises can be something new or surprising. That is why you should train it beforehand to avoid trouble. The training includes- exercising early that day, keeping it calm and putting it to sleep. Even if it stays up, you should make it listen to you. Explain it that there is nothing to be scared about.

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