Unavoidable Problems you cannot avoid when you have a Pomsky

What are unavoidable problems you cannot avoid when you have a Pomsky? If you have a Pomsky, you should always keep your eyes on it. Do not let it go outside alone because a flying eagle, owl or a hawk can hurt it. Do not let it stay home alone because it will swallow something toxic. The best part is that you do not have to worry about their health because they are strong and well-built. Here are some more problems that you will not be able to avoid if you have a Pomeranian Husky.

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1. They do not like dealing with children

There is no guarantee on how it will react to all the members in the house. Some say that it is better to get a Pomsky if there are no children in the house while others say they get along just fine with kids of all ages. It depends on their temperament and behavior. It can also depend on their parents. Pomeranians may be small and cute but they do not get along well with kids. It will constantly bark and make the child uncomfortable. Instead, a big size Pomsky such as Labrador Retriever or Golden are friendly with children. If you are lucky, you will get a puppy who is nice to everyone.

2. They do not like to be alone

Anxiety, depression and loneliness are all important factors if you have a Pomsky because it will not like to be left all by itself at home. You can have someone else take care of it but it will still want your attention. If you are someone who needs a buddy than you should think of getting it because it wants love and care. If you already have enough friends and work outside the house, you should rethink about getting the Pomsky. You will make the situation worse by making them experience separation anxiety.

3. They have small bladders

According to their size, you can tell that their organs are not that big. It will take a long time to train them about excretion. You can get a Pomsky trainer for this job but that will also take time and cost you a lot. You will have a mess in the house every time it urinates. You have to clean your home over and over again. Do not think a well-trained puppy will get you peace of mind. It can happen that you are sleeping on a Saturday, it will wake you up to take it out to pee.

4. They will get sick

You might think that this is an obvious problem when you are a living thing. Humans get ill so do other creatures. The problem is that if the parents were not healthy or had hidden illness, it could be passed on to the Pomsky. It will not be a secret anymore. It can happen that when the illness was inside the Siberian Husky or Pomeranian it was dormant. After it passed on to the Pomsky, it became active. Pomeranian is also known for getting ill more than many other Pomsky breeds. Therefore, your puppy has a chance of getting unwell often and you have to put up with vet bills.

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