5 Consequences of an obese Pomsky

What are consequences of an obese Pomsky? You obviously love your Pomsky and one way you show love is by providing it with lots of treats and delicious foods. We all know that lack of nutrients can make it look sick and cause illness, so you provide it with a lot of healthy foods. There is a limit to everything, and if you are feeding them more than they need, you are going to end up with an obese Pomsky. It will have a lot of body fat that can cause problems. Here are some ways it can become fat.

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• It does not exercise much, or the activity level is low. As the pet owner, you should take it for walks every day.

• It is eating more than it should. You should provide it treats if you are training it or it wants them but do not overfeed them.

• Other causes could be low metabolism level, neutering, hypothyroidism, etc.

You should understand that having an obese Pomsky is dangerous; you should make sure it does not eat high-calorie foods. Here are examples of what can happen

Heart diseases and breathing

Heavy breathing is normal when the puppy is active, but if it is doing nothing and having them, that is a serious issue. When they gain weight, the blood pressure increases. As a result, they have breathing problems. They can damage their trachea that way. If you notice they are having trouble breathing take them to the vet because the consequences can be incurable.


When the Pomsky is obese, it can develop tumors. Lipomas grow below the skin which eventually gets huge. If the Pomsky has it on the part of the body that is affecting its daily activity, you will recognize it quickly. The puppy will require surgery to get rid of it.

Ligaments pain

The Pomskies have ligaments in their knee which can hurt if they are overweight. The extra pounds put more stress on the ligaments that can cause the tissues, cartilages and the membranes to strain. The additional weight will stop your puppy from playing and enjoying. It will also affect him mentally and make him upset. The ligaments are the reason they can stand properly.


If you have a Pomsky who loves to play and jump around, arthritis will make it impossible. You should check its weight regularly so that the enjoyment and fun never stop for the four-legged friend. If it develops arthritis, the vet will provide medicines. It will be easy to prevent this if you do not make it obese. The muscles start to hurt, and it starts to feel weak.

Skin diseases

They will have extra folds which can cause bacteria or fungus live there. It will scratch, but it will not get rid of them. You can even bath it and do other grooming activities, but the bacteria will still be there. Therefore, make sure it does not get overweight and grow folds. It will also become foul-smelling. The shine on their fur will disappear.

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