What is Cataracts in a Pomsky

What is Cataracts in a Pomsky? Cataracts are when the lens of the eyes is clouding. Everybody wants the Pomsky because of its wolf-like appearance and its beautiful shining eyes. It will be really upsetting when they pup develops this disease. They will still be good-looking no matter what but they will have trouble seeing and can even become blind. As the owner, it is your duty to find out about it at an early stage and start the treatment. In that way, you will be able to cure it and maintain the health of the eyes. If the problem is serious or genetic, there may be no complete cure. Pomskies are likely to have cataracts that many other Pomsky breeds. If it has the medical condition, it is your job to help it in every step.

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The lens is within a capsule that is clear. The cataract gets into the clear capsule. It is not a layer that people thinks. It is the change that takes place in the bag that contains the lens. Fogging or clouding is the lens is a small problem so it does not cause any hurdles with seeing. That is known as incipient cataract. The first stage is when it will have vision problems. It will see blurry and the cataract will cloud some parts of the lens. If the final stage is reached, the whole lens will be full of it and the Pomsky will become blind. The pupil will turn from black to white or bluish. They do not all happen in one day. You should be able to see the changes with each day. If your puppy is lucky it will have cataracts for years and never become blind. Sometimes, to the unfortunate ones, they become blind within a month of having this medical condition.

The main reason for developing this medical condition is the eye is because of genetics. If one of the parent had this, the Pomsky will without a doubt have it unless it is lucky. That is why breeders select the perfect Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky for your Pomsky. That does not mean it is safe from this disease. They are small in size and they can get hurt anytime. You should always supervise them or have a Pomsky sitter while you are away. If it gets hurt in the eye, there is a chance of cataracts. They will become sensitive to light with watery eyes. If the Pomsky has a major disease, the cataracts can be a companion of it. There are many diseases caused by virus and the cataracts can just accompany it. For example, if you have fever, it will come with headache, sore throat etc. If it is a serious illness that you know or do not know, the cataracts can come with it.

It is so serious sometimes that you will need to contact an eye doctor for Pomskys and a Pomsky surgeon. It will require a lot of testing, diagnosis and treatment. The Siberian Husky is more likely to suffer from this than a Pomeranian.

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