Tips for Taking the Pomsky to the Beach

How to take the Pomsky to the beach? There are many places you take your canine friend with you but the beach may be its favorite out of them all. First of all, if it likes to swim, it will love to dive in the calm water. They can run around in circle in the open space. It will also like to take a nap on the sand. Here some tips to make the experience safe for your Pomsky to keep it healthy.

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1. Use product like Musher’s secret

It is a way to protect the Pomsky’s paws from the heat. You are wearing sandals or shoes to protect your feet from the warm sand. Think about its paws. The product is a blend of few food-grade waxes and they use their unique formula to make it safe and a non-toxic method to guard its paws. It is a rub that looks similar to wax. The way you use it depends on the weather and the duration of walking.

2. Get a life vest

Pomskies would look nice in the life vests. In case it dives into the water, the vest will always help in float. Even if their muscles are unable to save them, the jacker will bring them up to the surface at all times. It is a way for you to ensure safety for the pet. There can be strong waves and big currents.

3. Carry an umbrella

While you are resting under a shade, you should not overlook your Pomsky’s break. It also needs to rest after running, jumping and playing. Pomskies are energetic and playful so they require breaks because their body will overheat. You do not want it to become sick after a day of playing the beach.

4. Carry more than one leash

Take a long one so that you can tie it up and it will still have the freedom to roam around according to its wish. While you both are walking over there, you should use a small leash so that you both can stay close to each other. It is important for their safety to have few leashes. It is not a good idea to let it walk off leash, even if you do make sure it is not running away or getting lost.

5. Avoid certain areas

Do not let your Pomsky walk in the shore where there are small pieces of hooks or shells that can cut its paws. Even if it walks, continuously check its paws for injuries. If you see that is got hurt, take it to the vet right away.

6. Have a wet towel

It will obviously dig in the sand therefore get its face covered in the sand. What you have to do is, have a towel and moisten it with water. After soaking it, gently rub the areas of the face where you will see sand. Make sure it does not use its paws to clear up the sand.

7. Do not play with balls

If you bring your tennis ball to play fetch, it will become sandy on the beach. Therefore, do not play with a tennis ball because the sand will enter into the Pomsky’s mouth.

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