All about dehydration in a Pomsky

What is dehydration in a Pomsky? Pomsky has a lack of water in the body, dehydration occurs. It can be the reason of grave difficulties and problems for them.  Water is important to for humans as well as Pomskys. You drink the proper amount of fluid every day to make sure you are healthy, do the same for your puppy.  It is important for the Pomskys’ excretion, digestion, blood circulation and breathing.

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The cause of dehydration is lack of fluid levels in the body. It happens when they do not drink water and sweat a lot. It can also be because of diarrhea, vomiting and overheating during the daytime. The general indications of that you should look out for if you are not sure if it has dehydration are dry mouth. Since, there is a lack of fluid, it will be parched. The waterless condition in the mouth happens due to lack of fluid. Look out for sunken eyes and if it is refusing to eat. If you have a food lover and it suddenly stops eating, check for dry mouth and sunken eyes to make sure if it is dehydration. If you have a playful canine friend and it suddenly became uninterested in games and toys, check for the other symptoms. If you had a happy Pomsky, it can also have depression due to dehydration. Do not take this lightly. It is a serious matter, because after a period of depression, it will eventually die. If your puppy has fever, it will require a lot of water to drink.

Preventing dehydration

If you have the question, that how can you ensure that your buddy has enough water in its body, then read on

1. Start by giving it clean and fresh water all the time and keep on changing the water to make sure there are no germs in it. Do not overlook the bowl by not washing it because since it remains wet most of the time, bacteria can grow.

2. Keep an eye on the Pomsky and see if it is drinking water or not. If you are noticing that it does not like drinking, contact the vet to know what is wrong. Also, ask for advices to get your pup to drink.

3. Buy the right kind of bowl that does not break easily or does not develop bacteria quickly. It should have a heavy bottom so that the puppy does not knock it over and drop the water on the floor.

4. Do not just focus on its water intake at home. Make sure that you carry water for it when you are going out with it such as on lake trips, part and during car rides and morning walks.

5. If your puppy regularly drinks water without any fuss and all of a sudden you notice that it stopped drinking, check its mouth. It could be because of something in its mouth, like a stick. It can also have a sore in its mouth. Do not chain it outside. Always lock your bathroom door.

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