Indoor games to play with your Pomsky

How to play indoor games with your Pomskys? It is important for the Pomsky to play because it has a lot of excess energy. You should play with because for many reasons: you both can get closer, it will know that you love it and it will be a happy pup. You can let is play alone with its toys while you are busy but that does not mean that you will not clear your schedule for your canine friend. It is good for its health and behavior. Depression is getting common nowadays in Pomskys and one way to prevent is by playing with it. If you have trouble going out or you are too busy to take it out after the regular daily walks, you can always play indoors. Here are some games to play with the small buddy.

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Hide and seek

They will love to play hide and seek and after it finds you praise it or provide treats. Hide and seek develops their brain because they will use smell to find you. The Siberian Husky and Pomeranian both loves to play this game. You have to call out its name if it does not find you. You do not have to worry because they will find you quick because they do not like it being without their owner. Hide somewhere that is easy to find. If it does not come to find you, you should train it properly.

Bubble popping

There are no doubts about the fact that they love bubbles. Popping them is good for their health because they will chase and jump. If they are not interested, train them to run after the bubbles. If you do not like blowing bubbles, you can purchase the bubble blowers and machines that is designed particularly for Pomskys’ playtime. The toy manufacturing companies know that Pomskys of every shape, size, breed and age loves to play with bubbles. That is why they came up with bubble shooters.

Obstacle Course

You cannot put up big things for your small friend. Start with soft towels that you roll up and keep on the floor. Few steps away, keep another one the same way. Train it to jump over the obstacles. After it masters that, place a blanket at the destination. The ending of the game should be when it lies on the blanket. The simple way to teach this game is by rewarding it when it completes everything properly.

Tug of war

Pomskies consider them to be strong, energetic and muscular. Therefore, play tug of war and let it win. It will make them confident and happy. Use an old t-shirt to play.

Hunting treats

You should take the treats on one hand and show it that you are taking them. Go to another room and hide them in places that are easy to find. Do not place it on high surfaces such as the top of your closet. To train it, start by saying the word “search” and show it where you kept it. Later on, it will understand how to play. Do not forget to praise it when it returns with all the treats.

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