Preventing Pomsky Health Problems

How to prevent Pomsky’s Health Problems? You should keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy. They are your pet, and it is your responsible to make sure they are in their best condition. There are several ways to maintain proper health and make sure they do not suffer from illness. Here is what you should do.

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How to maintain your Pomsky’s Good Health

Provide lots of clean drinking water. Pomskies are playful and love to run around the house. If you teach them how to play fetch, they will play that with your outside. All these can lead to dehydration. Always clean and refill its water bowl. Teach it how to drink from a bottle and whenever you both go out, take it with you. Buy the stainless steel bowl for water that is not prone to bacteria and germs.  They are also not breakable and will last a long time. Do not go for the glass or ceramic ones.

Give your Pomsky healthy food. Consult with the vet on what type of food you should give them. You have two options. You can make them at home or buy from the market. Just like humans, they require carbohydrates, proteins, few fats, minerals, and vitamins. You should get a proper routine for the food timing and follow that. In this way, it will eat at the right time and not get sick. Unusual eating habits can lead to diarrhea or vomiting.

Let them have treats. You can get treats for Pomskies from the store, or you can make them yourself. Ask the vet about the kind of treats you should feed your puppy. Not all of them suits every puppy. Some can be harsh for their stomach. Do not give food from your plate as treats. Treats and snacks should only be only one-tenth of its diet. The rest ninety percent should be their typical meal. Pomskies love treats more than regular meals, and it is the perfect way to connect with them. If you have just brought a new puppy home, you will want to become its friend. It is the easiest way to be friends, but that does not mean you fill them up with it.

Make a proper sleeping area. If you want your four-legged friend to sleep in a crate, you should include that in your training session. They will keep the area unsoiled by not urinating there and you should too by cleaning it. If you want it to sleep on a bed, you can purchase beds for Pomskies. There are many kinds of bed available in the market. No matter which one you buy, make sure it is clean all the time.

Spend time together. While you are taking care of its diet and sleep, do not ignore it when it is about talking and playing with it. Pomskies love to play and socialize. Take it to walks every morning or at night. In this way, it will be exercising and you both can spend time together. You should know that a healthy Pomsky does not require only food and water but plenty of exercises.

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