Advantages and disadvantages of Neutering or Spaying Your Pomsky

What are advantages and disadvantages of neutering or spaying your Pomsky? When you get your Pomsky, this question might haunt you “Should I neuter or spray my Pomsky?” Do not worry because you are the only one with this confusion. There are many reasons why you should opt for the surgery. The operation is known as castration in male Pomskys and spaying in females. It means using surgery to stop pets from reproducing. Here are some benefits and drawbacks.

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• You will have a who is well-behaved whether it is a male or a female. If you ever had a Pomsky with annoying behavior issues such as being destructive or hyperactive, you will know the pain. It can make you completely fed up but there are many ways people use to get rid of the attitude. They try offering treats, rewards and train it to be obedient. All of these sounds a lot difficult. After the surgery, when it will start to live like its usual self, you will a lot of change in its behavior. It will become kind, gentle and polite.

• They will not have uterine infections. The uterine disease, pyometra can develop in Pomskys who are above five years of age and has never been pregnant. If a female Pomsky is not spayed, it will have this disease. Metritis can also happen which is the inflammation of the lining of the uterus because of bacteria.

• There will be no dealing with false pregnancy. There are times when pet owners thought that their female Pomsky is pregnant because they were having the symptoms. Later on, they discovered it is pseudo pregnancy. It is a term which means that female Pomskys have symptoms of pregnancy such as vomiting, depression, restlessness and nesting and other mothering activities. There is no reason why they do this when they are not pregnant. It can happen due to imbalance in the hormones such as progesterone.

• The fees are not much and if you go through the surgery, you will have a well-behaved puppy, as mentioned before. It will be obedient and listen to all your commands. It will not be prone to bacteria as easily as regular Pomskys who are not spayed. It will be stronger than it was before. The licensing fees and charges for spaying your male and female Pomskys are less in many areas. There are zero chances of having testicular cancer.


• It has a chance of gaining weight after the surgery. They will have a slow metabolism after the operation and it will change its diet. You should not feed it too much or fill up its bowl because it will get overweight. It has a chance of becoming obese. You should also not stop exercising it. Take it for daily walks and play with it.

• If the surgery is done at the wrong time a lot of problems can happen. Early spaying will make the leg bones to become weak and vulnerable and result in hip dysplasia. It also increases the chance of bone cancer and can affect the shape of the vulva.

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