Things the Pomsky do not like

What are things the Pomsky do not like? There are many things that you or other members in the house can do that will annoy the Pomsky. It is dangerous and you should be careful about it. It can happen that you have a child and he or she is getting along with the puppy. Some Pomskies do not like kids. They will bark at them without any reason. If your pup is not behaving like that you should not push its limit. It can be simply tolerating. For example, it does not like children or hugs and if you make your kid pose with it for a photo, there can be a danger for your child. It will bite your son or daughter. Here are more things that the Pomeranian Husky dislikes and you should know beforehand to avoid trouble.

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When you are being tense

It does not like it when you take it out for walks and you are being nervous.  It is obvious that you will have anxiety when you see other Pomskys. You never know how the Pomsky will react with them. We can tell when we see a person who is feeling tense, the same goes for them too. They do not like that feeling at all. You should be calm or at least look normal from the outside. It will understand that you are tense by noticing the way you hold on to the leash.

When you interact with other Pomskys

Pomsky is sensitive to feelings that is why it always craves for love and attention. If you are petting a friend’s Pomsky in front of it, it will think you do not love it. They do not like this at all. For example, if you see that instead of praising you, your best friend is complimenting and spending time with someone else. You will get depressed. The same applies for them. They will lose their appetite and become sick. They consider you as their best buddy and wants you to only give all your time and energy to them.

When you use the vacuum cleaner

You should be cleaning your home with the device. That is a regular routine you have been following throughout the years but the Pomsky can think differently. The reason you will need to clean more about the house is because it will shed. It will be shedding everywhere and there will be fur all around the house and the car. While you are using the device to clean the fur, it will not like it. Not because you are cleaning the fur, it does not like the machine.

When you wake it

Never interrupt its sleep. Let is walk up by itself. You do not want a puppy who will be behaving strangely with you all day. Interruption in their sleep can be the cause. They sleep deeply and the sudden waking up is something they hate. You should also tell other members in the home to never touch it during sleep or call it to make it get up. They do not like the shocks they get after waking up from a deep sleep.

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