How to tell if your Pomsky does not love you

How to tell if your Pomsky does not love you? You should that a Pomsky requires a lot of care and affection. If you make a simple mistake, you can make it upset. If you are someone who stays outside most of the time or yell at it, there is a chance it will not be your best friend even if you are the owner. Before getting a Pomsky, you should that it is that type of Pomsky that will be always eager to play and run around. If you want to be lazy, you should not get this. If they do not like you, that could be a problem. You should start to be a responsible owner and it will start to be your best buddy. You can start by praising it, providing it with treats, taking it out for regular exercise and always stay calm and never scream at it. You can bring new toys for it, play a lot of different game with it and allow it to socialize with other puppies. Here is how to you can tell by observing if you are not the favorite of your canine friend.

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1. It never stares at you

A Pomsky never likes it when a person or even the owner is looking at it in the eye. If it likes you, it will never mind. It will constantly make eye contact and love it when you look at it too. It is trying to tell you that it is happy with you. It does not want to be with anyone and it will look calm. It will want to thank you for being so nice by gazing at you with the shining eyes. If it is never looking at you, that could be an issue. It does not like to see you!

2. It reacts negatively to your voice

A Pomsky is a lively and active puppy. It is one of those canine buddies who will be excited to hear you come through the front door. It will run to you and want to play. It likes to stay busy because it has a lot of energy. While you were out, it was probably doing something like chewing a toy. If it leaves the toy and comes running to you, that means the Pomsky loves you a lot. If it does not get excited at the sound of its owner’s voice and does not come running to the door, that is a bad sign. You should quickly find out what you are doing wrong. Are you misbehaving with it or are you ignoring the puppy most of the time?

3. It never smiles at you

A smiling Pomsky does not always necessarily mean that it is approachable or it is a friendly Pomsky. There are different reasons why they do it and their emotions are difficult to understand. When it is the Pomsky, if it is smiling, that means it likes you a lot. It will have its teeth our and the eyes will be big and bright. It will look similar to a small happy wolf! They have a rough exterior even though they are small in size. They always look bold, brave and angry. You will be able to tell if it is smiling when you see its eyes and mouth.

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