Why Pomskies need fresh water

Why Pomskys need fresh water? Just like humans, Pomskies are made of almost eighty percent water. It is necessary to maintain the body to function. They should have water whenever they are feeling thirsty. Make sure the water bowl is not out of their reach. Even if they are out, you should provide them with sufficient amount of it. You should provide the Pomsky with plenty of fresh water to get rid of the thirst and maintain their body temperature. It is necessary for them to survive. If they remain thirsty for long hours, they may even die quickly. Water cleanses the body so the lifespan of your pup increases.

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Main Reasons Why You Should Give It Plenty of Water

• It makes all the organs of the body to function. If your eyes are not working properly, will you be able to see? If you brain is not balancing your body, will you be able to stand straight? Water makes all the organs work which helps in digestion, moving, breathing and cleaning blood.

• As mentioned above, it cleans the inside of the body. Just like you give your Pomsky regular baths, you forget about the inside of its body. One way you can make that germ-free is by giving it lots of clean water. If you do not the kidney and heart will slowly stop working. The body receives oxygen through the blood cells. Water can clean up all the toxins in the cells.

• Pomskies have the ability to smell from a far distance. It is a special quality of Pomskys. They can smell a lot more than humans do. They can even smell types of cancers. Dogs are so intelligent that they scientists study about whales. The police use their smelling ability to find dead bodies that have been lost for a long time. You do not want to ruin that special quality of your pet by not giving it water.

• When your Pomsky gets tired after a walk or a run, or on a day when the temperature is too high, you should provide it to drink and cool down. Panting lets water escape through the mouth and you have to replace it with fresh new water.

You should make sure that the fountain or the bowl is full of clean and fresh water. It is important to continuously check on a hot day because evaporation occurs. Water can evaporate at a fast speed than you expected. You can add ice cubes during the summer afternoons. There are many other reasons why you should include water for its good health

• It turns fuel into energy. When you provide it with lipids and fats, it will break down into glucose which will give it the energy to run, move and continue with all the activities. Energy production in Pomskies is important to keep them healthy and strong.

• Water aids the body to digest the nutrients. If you are careful about its diet and providing it with foods that will make it strong, muscular and active and skip the water, you are doing it wrong.

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